A Sneak Peek Into The Narcissist’s Mind

They are all over the place – the television you are watching, that page-turner in your hands, your local senate … Everywhere!

Their success makes us consider them our role models, and their jokes can leave us in stitches. We think of their success when we are down or in need of motivation, and their magical words heal and inspire us.

Sometimes we even let them get closer, and they become our lovers and friends. Sometimes, they are all we have.

Except for one thing – they could be the worst nightmare you have ever had. They can raise you from the mud and make you feel like you are on top of the world, only to break you down into pieces once more – just for the heck of it.

That’s a narcissist for you.

They will always have an impact on your world. To them, you are nothing but a means to an end. Even after you know it, you can still find it hard to break away and run for your dear life before it’s too late.

Running is easier said than done when you have already been made to feel incompetent, unworthy, unlovable, and a disgrace. A narcissist will tell you how worthless you are to your face.

In their minds, they are worth a lot more than you could ever be. They are always right. The world seems to buy it. That leaves you confused because that is not the reality you know about them.

That’s when the questions start to pop into our minds. We blame ourselves, we get confused, we even feel sad, anxious, or even depressed. But all that goes away when we meet the right person.

No, you cannot blame them publicly, because the public does not see them as you do. They have never had a taste of their toxicity, all they see is a charismatic personality who inspires awe and admiration.

If you take the blame to them directly, they will turn the tables on you and blame you. You are the one who upset them, and you will be accused of misunderstanding them. They know that they are misleading you, but they relish the lies as it boosts their confidence.

They understand exactly what they are about, and they know how to rally people around them. Even when they know they are wrong, they will not publicly admit it.

A narcissist uplifts himself by tearing another person down. They seek self-confidence at all costs to feed their vain delusions.

Narcissism makes people enviable. The world sees the success, and the immunity they have to societal influences.

To keep up appearances, they have to keep playing tricks on people. They live for the attention they enjoy.

Question is, how likely are you to become a narcissist’s victim? Come on, be honest.