A Simple Riddle Most People Can't Solve

A Simple Riddle Most People Can’t Solve

If you have some minutes to spare, here's a simple riddle you can try. This tricky yet simple riddle has left many people scratching their heads, wondering what the solution might be, but you could be the exception.

The hilarious thing about this puzzle is that the answers are hidden within the riddle. So, you don't have to go far in search of a solution.

That is what makes this simple riddle so clever.

However, as tricky as this riddle is, the solution is so ridiculously simple that it will shock you.

Just as a heads up: this riddle requires someone great at tricky wordplay. For that reason, it has challenged a lot of people.

People have been sharing this simple riddle online after struggling with it for some time before finally finding the answer. Many people were unable to unravel the enigmatic puzzle until they were offered an incredibly simple clue.

So, here's the riddle:

What Has 4 Letters, Sometimes 9 Letters, But Never 5 Letters

A Simple Riddle Most People Can't Solve

That is the riddle, and as you can see, it is a pretty simple riddle. Can you solve it?

If you are having a problem finding an answer, then you are not the first. In fact, the riddle went viral because thousands of people could not find the answer.

If you still haven't figured out the answer, here is a hint and the answer to the riddle.

The Hint, And The Answer

A Simple Riddle Most People Can't Solve

Before you see the answer, maybe you would like a slight hint, and here it is:

Don't read the riddle as a question. Read it slowly like a statement.

If you were confused about the answer to this strange yet simple riddle, this hint should be a huge help. However, if you have still not figured out the solution, here we go:

First of all, you need to break up the riddle into sections.

The first section reads: "What has four letters."

According to this simple riddle's hint, this is a statement. It claims that the word "What" has four letters, and a quick count of the number of letters in the word 'what' should confirm this fact.

If you read the words slowly, you will get what we are talking about here.

The second section says "sometimes nine letters," meaning that the word 'sometimes' has nine letters. You can count the number of letters in the word 'sometimes' and confirm this.

The trick is to read this part of the riddle as if it is connected to any other riddle section. Now, just one area of the riddle remains.

In all likelihood, you have now figured out the riddle entirely.

Therefore, the third section, which claims "but never has five letters," simply means that the word 'never' has five letters.

Again, the idea is to read this part of the riddle as a statement, not a question. With that, this incredibly simple riddle is completely solved.

You have to admit; it's funny how obvious the answer seems once you have known how to solve the riddle.

How long did you struggle with this riddle? Did you have some fun solving it?

Ready For A Few More Simple Riddles?

A Simple But Tricky Riddle You Can't Solve

If you had a problem solving the above riddle, it wouldn't be fair of us to stop here without giving you a fair chance to redeem yourself, would it? Here are a few more simple riddles you can try.

Check out the solutions below.

1. What ends everything?

2. If you were offered a choice between one 18-inch pizza and two 12-inch pizzas, which would be the better deal?

3. A boy went fishing with a doctor, and he was the doctor's son, although the doctor was not his father. Who was the doctor to the boy?

4. What has five fingers but is not alive?

5. What has keys, but no locks, space but no room, and can allow you to enter?

6. What gets wet as it dries?

7. What appears once in a minute, two times in a moment, but never once in a thousand years?

8. The more you take from it, the bigger it gets.

9. It has a mouth but never talks; it runs but never walks. What is it?

10. What is bigger than God, is eviler than the devil, is owned by the poor, and is needed by the rich.

11. I have no mouth, and yet I speak. What I'm I?

12. I have cities but no houses, water but no fish, mountains but no trees. What am I?

13. A boat is filled with people, and then yet it does not have a single person. Why?

14. A lady shoots her husband, and later, they enjoy dinner. How does that work?

15. I disappear as soon as you say my name. What am I?

16. It belongs to you, but everyone uses it. What is it?

17. In a race, you have overtaken the second runner. What is your new position?

18. A driver was going down a street without a license, and yet the policeman saw this and did nothing. Why is that?

19. A rich man and a poor man's house are on fire; which fire will the police put out first?

20. What can be caught, but it cannot be thrown?

21. What has an "E" at the beginning and an "E" at the end but has a single letter.

22. How many months in a year have 28 days?

23. What can fill up a room without taking any space?

24. What is the easiest way to double your money?

25. There are three men. The first man is deaf, the second is dumb, and the third is blind. The wife of the blind man has been kidnapped by the deaf man. How will the dumb man tell the blind man about this?


A Simple Riddle Most People Can't Solve

Here are the answers to the simple riddles above.

1. If you said death, then you are wrong. The answer is "G" because that is the letter that ends the word 'everything.'

2. The 18-inch pizza has more surface area, which means it's more generous. The total area of the two 12-inch pizzas is 226 square inches compared to the 254 square inches the larger pizza offers.

3. The mother

4. A glove

5. A keyboard

6. A towel

7. The letter M

8. A hole

9. A river

10. Nothing

11. Echo

12. A map

13. The boat is filled with married people.

14. She took a photo of her husband.

15. Silence

16. Your name

17. You're number 2.

18. The driver was walking

19. Police don't put out fires

20. Cold

21. An envelope

22. All of them. The riddle doesn't say 28 days only.

23. Light

24. Putting it in front of the mirror

25. The dumb man can use a program that translates his message into an audio message, which the blind man can hear. We are in the twenty-first century, remember?

Have you had fun with these simple riddles? How many of them could you solve?