A Simple Narcissist Test For Your Potentially Narcissistic Husband Or Boyfriend

The worst kind of narcissist in the world is the one who shares a roof or a bed with you. That's why today I will tell you about a simple narcissist test for your husband or boyfriend. After all, it's worth knowing if you are sleeping with the enemy or not.

But before we go any further, I should let you know that narcissism is not the same as overconfidence or self-absorption. Narcissism is a mental condition that makes the sufferer destroy everything in his path.

A narcissist usually feels entitled and they do everything for their benefit. These people also lack empathy, although some of them can fake it to win your admiration and trust.

Here's A Simple Narcissistic Test For Your Husband Or Boyfriend

The following questions can help you establish if your husband or boyfriend is actually a narcissist or not.

1. You Often Ask Yourself, Where Did The Charm Go?a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

At first, narcissists are extremely charming. They use love bombs and a stellar personality to win you over.

And although you fell hard and still love him and are willing to make it work, you cannot for the life of you tell where all this charm went.

That's the first sign you might have fallen for a narcissist. Otherwise, you would not have such a big problem remembering what made you fall for him in the first place.

Once a narcissist knows you have fallen for them, they don't bother showing you any more love. Their focus will be on their own selfish needs.

2. Does He Pressure You To Do Things His Way?

a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

If there is something a narcissist can't stand, it's seeing his partner enjoy the freedom to do what she likes. If your husband is a narcissist, you are essentially his victim and he will expect you to do only what he approves.

If he wants you to get him something from the fridge, he expects you to drop everything to do it, regardless of how important it is.

In fact, if he is narcissistic, he will get upset when you contradict him verbally. He will not even ignore you when you do but badger you into accepting that you were wrong and that he was right.

3. Does He Overreact When He Doesn't Get His Way?

a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

A relationship takes a lot of compromises, which is something you cannot expect from a narcissistic partner. If he gets really worked up and even violent when you don't do things his way (even though he never does what you ask), then he might be a narcissist.

Narcissists are not used to accommodating other people's opinions. To them, you either do things his way or you will have hell to pay. So, if this describes your relationship with your husband or boyfriend, then he's most likely a narcissist.

A narcissistic husband will often lose his temper and use personal attacks when he cannot get his way. He can also withhold affection.

While a normal partner can get upset, he usually gets over it and doesn't try to hurt you over your opinions.

4. How Does He Handle Criticism?

a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

Just for the record, most people do not take criticism very well. However, narcissists respond especially poorly to negative feedback on their behavior.

First of all, even if they are guilty of the accusation, they will never admit to it. Ever.

When you have a narcissistic boyfriend or husband, he will get very upset when you criticize him for any reason. His first reaction will be an attempt to defend himself. To his mind, he is perfect, and he expects you to find no fault in him.

A normal boyfriend would try to learn from the feedback and make an attempt at changing his behavior, not go bananas in defense of their bloated sense of self-worth.

5. Are His Needs Always The Priority?

a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

The classic sign that you are dealing with a narcissist is that the greatest priority in the relationship is him and his endless needs. So, if your relationship and everything you do in the relationship revolves around him, then yes, he might be a narcissist.

A narcissist will even put his needs before those of his kids. Most guys in loving relationships do the absolute opposite because they put the needs of their families before their own.

6. Does He Like To Exaggerate His Achievements?

a simple narcissist test for your potentially narcissistic husband or boyfriend

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your achievements. Still, some people try to tone down their achievements, but not a narcissist.

Your narcissistic boyfriend will love blowing his achievements out of proportion.

Normal guys can boast, but usually in a way that's justifiable and clear to everyone. But narcissists will always go a little further to make themselves seem better than they really are.

There is no doubt about it, having a narcissistic boyfriend or husband sucks.

That's a sure guarantee that your relationship will be very toxic. And getting out of this relationship is always the best decision.

So, if you discover you have a narcissistic husband or boyfriend based on this test, then it's time you tried to get out before he turns you into a shell of your former self. The right partner will turn you into a better version of yourself, not a wreck.