A Real Man Will Love A Broken Woman: Have Faith

A Real Man Will Love A Broken Woman: Have Faith

Let me preface this article with a piece of advice: your true love is out there for you. Even if you think that's impossible.

I can already tell that you guys are rolling your eyes at me. And yet, you clicked on the article, so you're ready to be convinced. Well, I'm only too happy to oblige in reminding everyone to represent that there is a Person for everyone out there. Not necessarily a one-size-fits-all soulmate that aligns perfectly with every aspect of your being, you don't even know yourself yet, how could we expect someone else to?

I have had enough of the trashy men on tinder's bio that just says 'looking for something casual'/'if you're under 100 pounds don't bother'/ and 'blondes only'. Not only is that highly derogatory, but it just represents a peak in the degree of toxic masculinity that makes men think that they are empowered by putting women down.

That's not a real man.

First of all, who knows what a 'real' man is or isn't. It's not a physical attribute but more of an essence - because that's the point. There isn't a tried and tested bill of attractiveness that makes anyone 'real' or 'whole'. That doesn't magically make us 'unbroken'. Nope. No sire.

But ladies, stop tragically swiping through the dating apps like that and subjecting yourself to this torture. You won't get any satisfaction from those men anyway, so don't hold yourself to their standards. You will never win playing their game.

So, having reassured you of that, broken women of the world, unite. There is faith and a plan for everyone. Everyone has a person that is destined to be their soulmate. You will compromise in ways you didn't necessarily think you would, but first of all, listen to another piece of my advice.

You are not broken!

The media may tell you that you are. Social websites may remind you daily of all the things you never even realized existed, let alone recognized that you lacked. Your friends may even make you resentful and insecure and the pressure of success is nothing anyone loves. Most of us cave under that pressure. Some more than others.

But just because you may have had mental health issues, disabilities, problems fitting in, or feelings you are less smart, doesn't mean you're broken. You're just different. Special.

I know that's cheesy, but bear with me. If having any one of those things is unachievable, then it can't make us whole - only we can. Therefore, if it can't make us whole, but what logic does it render us incomplete or broken? That just wouldn't make sense.

So don't be disheartened by some men that remain so insecure that they can't come to terms with their own anxiety and self-image. That's on them, not us to solve.

A real man is out there for you, trust me it's not even a stretch of the imagination. There will be plenty of people interested in you and who would fall at your feet for your attention.

Have faith that you aren't broken and you are valid and you will find fulfilling relationships with real men. Not phonies on the internet.