A Real Man Loves, Not With Fake Words But The Realest Actions

A Real Man Loves, Not With Fake Words But The Realest Actions

A real man loves, more in action than in words. Every day, he wakes up with the goal to be a better man for you and himself. He knows that words are lackluster in the presence of contradicting actions. With the most genuine actions, he expresses his love for you.

Do not settle for a man who trusts in his words to sweep you off your feet; a man who makes no real effort to keep you. Some men feel they can sweet talk their way through any situation and spin stories because they feel you're gullible. Such men trust in their fake words to keep you by their side.


As a woman of value, it's time to let go of such men and be discovered or discover those who rely on real actions as opposed to fake words.

A real man isn't toxic

He doesn't belittle you with his words. He doesn't make you feel unworthy nor does he make you lose your self-esteem.

A real man builds his woman up. His actions show that he loves you. When you make silly mistakes, he lovingly corrects you instead of making you feel like there's nothing you know how to do right.


He doesn't joke with your feelings or put you in awkward situations for the sheer pleasure of it. He stands by his woman to shield her from harm.

A real man doesn't make false promises

If he makes a promise, he works hard to fulfill it. He knows that it's a matter of trust. When a man makes promises and fails each time, it's a clear indication that he is not trustworthy.


Therefore, a real man does his best to make his promises a reality. He promises you faithfulness and doesn't cheat. He promises commitment and sticks.

From his actions, you know for a certainty how he feels

A real man says "I love you" and means it. How? Via real actions. He puts your feelings first and he thinks of you before he makes a decision. He makes you a priority and does what he can to support your goals and aspirations. That's a man who loves you.


A real man does not expect perfection from you neither does he overlook your imperfections. Rather, he acknowledges them and learns to live with them. He also urges you to make changes where necessary, not hiding the truth from you.

A real man's love is obvious in sweet gestures

A thoughtful gift, a warm hug, or a listening ear are simple but touching gestures. A man who loves you knows when to speak and when to be quiet. This might not always be the case but more often than not, it will be.


When you are down, he goes out of his way to make you happy. When he feels you've been too stressed or cooped up at home for too long, he does all he can to make you feel better and to make you appreciate the sunshine.

Truth is, everyone has their own personal problems. As such, when you find a man whose actions show that you are more important to him than even himself, you've found a real man.


He makes sincere efforts to be with you and keep you

A real man sees his woman as a scarce commodity. Hence, he holds on to her like he would a precious stone.

His actions show that you're his priority. He doesn't want to lose you. At the slightest threat from external factors, you see him protect you as a mother hen would do her chicks.


His jealousy is a sign that he wants you to be his' alone. If he notices that there's something you need that he lacks, he works to get there. If he can't afford to get what you want at the moment, he does all he can to make you feel happy until he can.

But know that in the midst of all these, a real man also needs a real woman to understand his intentions. I hope you are one.