A Quick Guide To Computer Dating Services

A Quick Guide To Computer Dating Services

You would be forgiven to think computer dating started towards the beginning of this century. That's a common mistake. Sorry to all millennials who think they pioneered computer dating.

Believe It Or Not, Computer Dating Services Began In 1957

To put that into perspective, the internet would not make its first baby step until over a decade later.

As you can imagine, this form of dating was nowhere near the highly advanced internet-based dating we have today. For starters, the dating profiles were created at the dating company's offices. Yea, imagine that.

Naturally, as the industry grew, extras like videotaped interviews and messages were also included to be shared with interested potential matches.

Say what you will of these services considering that you can whip up a dating profile within minutes on your smartphone app. But at the time, this was the most advanced form of dating possible.

It was magical that a computer would take the answers you gave to certain questions and find people who were most compatible with you.

In reality, these systems were very simple, although they seemed quite advanced at the time.

Obviously, Computers Are Logical, We, Humans, Are Anything But, Especially When Choosing Partners

So, all things considered, the computer dating of the time was merely a gimmick.

But an evolution was set in motion. As we speak, we know of web-based dating services, which I guess you have heard about more times than you can count.

These days, you needn't walk into an office to submit your dating profile. That was an old school computer dating move.

Today, You Can Create A Profile Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is a computer or a mobile device.

The matching algorithms have been fine-tuned as well, and for two main reasons. First of all, expectations are much higher. And secondly, there have been monumental leaps in computing power.

That dating can happen over a computer is no longer the intrigue it was. People know what these devices are capable of, and they expect a lot from them. People want results.

In The Real World, People Meet One-On-One After Introductions By Friends And Acquaintances

Phone numbers get exchanged. Texts are sent and calls are made. And just like that, two people are dating.

There is another way: blind dates. These send the chills up the spines of many. It's a leap into the unknown. But once things take off and people exchange numbers, communication begins and so does dating.

In the online world, you begin by creating a profile, which helps the dating service find you potential matches.

From there, you jump right to the emails, instant messages, video chats and calls. The actual date follows.

But when it's all said and done, note one important thing:

Computer Dating Has Its Limits

Whether you are talking about the version they created decades ago or modern internet dating, building an actual relationship has to be done physically, not through machines.