A Prayer To My God

A Prayer To My God

I want to hear only Your voice Lord even though there are noises all around me.

Let every morning bring me joy and gratitude for all the blessings You have showered upon me.

You continue to bless me. You keep blessing those I love. You have done more for me than I could ever put into words.

I Lack Enough Words To Thank You For All Your Love And Kindness

That is why my deepest prayer is to be forever connected to You. I want to focus on You alone and not the temporary pleasures of this present world.

Make me a vessel for Your will, that I may seek to fulfill Your will wherever I go.

I remember the days I have spent pretending to be fine. I have faked being someone else, struggling to be the best I could be.

I missed the bigger picture. You are the center of my world. You know me better than I know myself.

Only You Can Take Away My Pain And Fill My Heart With Joy

I may conceive many plans, but only You can establish them for the sake of Your glory.

Heal me Lord and make me whole. I have wounds from loved ones who left. Heal me even though the scars will remain as a lesson and a reminder that with You, I am bigger than my problems.

Keep me safe from my enemies. Oppose those who are opposed to me and stand with those who stand with me.

When my head is foggy from all the anxieties of this world, fill me with Your perfect peace.

When In Sorrow, Comfort Me And Don't Let Me Forget Your Graciousness

I want to always get on my knees to adore You and Your magnificence.

Help me understand why some of my prayers go unanswered or at least give me the patience to wait upon You when I call upon Your name.

Guide my actions and decisions, that I may walk along the right paths in life. Let me not stray so I may remain closer to You and under Your guiding light.

I thank You for Your unwavering love, even when I was distant and turned my back on You.

Don't Let My Personal Flaws Shake My Faith In You

Make me important to others, that I may sympathize with their plight and show to them Your unending love.

Show me to love unconditionally, as You also love me. Make me generous, as You have been generous with me.

Calm me when distress overwhelms me and give me the strength to overcome whatever hardship comes my way.

Strengthen My Spirit So That The Trials Of This World May Not Overwhelm Me

Comfort me and make me sympathetic to the issues others face.

Let me find peace with my past and remain hopeful in Your promises.