A Polish Company Is Set To Brew Beer From A Czech Model's Vaginal Bacteria

a polish company is set to brew beer from a czech model’s vaginal bacteria

Forget the IPA's; a Polish company is now brewing beer using bacteria from a woman's vagina.

Are you an avid beer lover? You pride yourself knowing all types of booze, acting all sophisticated when talking about it.

Turns out, there's a new brand of beer that has emerged, and we're not so sure how your significant other will feel about drinking or tasting it.

A Poland-based brewery made a breakthrough in the beer industry, making an actual 'Vagina beer,' thanks to its successful crowdfunding campaign.

a polish company is set to brew beer from a czech model's vaginal bacteria

Called Order of Yoni—the word 'yoni' is Sanskrit for women's genital—the beer is brewed with lactic acid bacteria from a model's vagina. Specifically, 'beautiful Czech model Alexandra Brendlova,' who is the 'kind of female whose pheromones will stay with you after the meeting for the following week-long.'

According to its creators, it's a 'beer with the flavor of champagne. So, we suppose this means her vagina 'tastes like champagne.'

a polish company is set to brew beer from a czech model's vaginal bacteria

The company has also created the 'virginal beer' using bacteria from the vaginas of two other smoking hot models, Paulina and Monika.

Just Imagine, Getting Drunk from 'Virginal Fluid' of Actual High-End Czech Models


A quick look at how the company promotes the beer gives a pretty good idea of its angle and target.

Some people claim it's just a clever marketing strategy. And the brewery is just doing it to grab attention and money.

However, the Order of Yoni creators tried to shed some light on the beer's production process.

They explained that a gynecologist 'took smears from models and then isolated lactic acid bacteria for the beer production.


The secret of the beer also lies in the model's vagina. Using hi-tech microbiology, they then isolate, examine, and prepare lactic acid bacteria.

They then transfer the 'bacteria, woman's features, allure, grace, and glamour,' turning her instincts into beers.

The creators also addressed concerns about the model's hygiene.

They assure customers that they've done all the appropriate tests, including checking the women for any sexually transmitted disease.

How Much $ for a Vagina Beer?

a polish company is set to brew beer from a czech model's vaginal bacteria

If you're keen for a taste of vagina beer, it'll set you back $7.

The Order of Yoni is selling the first two versions of the beverage: Bottled Lust and Bottled Passion, both containing 8 percent of alcohol.

Should we expect new versions of the beer soon? Most definitely.

The creators explained they are planning a 'variety of BDSM-series beer and a few more exotic ones with models from around the globe.'

Now, only one question remains, would you try it?