A Perfect Rainbow Appeared Over NYC As New Yorkers Clapped For Their Essential Workers

A Perfect Rainbow Appeared Over Nyc As New Yorkers Clapped For Their Essential Workers

While we are all looking at New York City and sending good vibes, the divine nature gave the good people of the City a small glimpse of hope.

A tradition of clapping to essential workers is now part of our everyday lives. We are all guilty of not giving them more support before the COVID-19 crisis. But, we recognize them now, so clapping is a small gesture of great gratitude and admiration. Words fail to describe this biggest health crisis of our lifetimes. And no one knows that better than the citizens of the Big Apple.

Not long ago, the Empire State building's flashing red siren made a tribute to the essential workers. But, the rainbow that followed, days later, was something else. Right at 7 pm when New Yorkers have started clapping and cheering every day to thank essential workers for their service during hard times, a rainbow rose along with some afternoon sunshine. After thunderstorms and severe winds, New Yorkers all across the City managed to catch rays of hope.

Yes, the rainbow isn't going to save lives, and no, it won't make the virus less deadly. But it's a symbol of better things on the horizon. In a way, you could say that this was nature's way of acknowledging the nurses, doctors, supermarket workers, and everyone risking their lives on a daily basis. In that one moment, people managed to put aside their differences and focus on sending positivity and prayers to our everyday heroes.

A crazy beautiful rainbow did give people their voices back. New Yorkers are now not just clapping, but singing Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York." It's hard to grasp the reality now, but knowing that there are people who are selfishly doing everything to save you, is a sign. A sign that you're not alone, and that you may not like your quarantine, but you're doing your part. But most importantly, it's a sign that we should forget what was, the moment crisis ends, and turn to each other.

Many people are talking about what is that they will do once COVID horror ends. And no matter how much you miss shopping or bar-hopping, the only thing we should all keep in mind is to stop taking people for granted. Especially the frontline workers. This is a moment in history that's painful and scary, but this will end. And we won't be the same. But, New York City's rainbow will remain a reminder that every storm has to stop.

If you're looking at Italy or Spain right now, remember that these people lost their loved ones. But, they are starting to recover. Things are looking up. This, too, shall pass. Stay inside, wash your hands, and stop buying all the necessities. Think of others and show your gratefulness to all the ones who had to die to make Coronavirus history. Keep the faith that the day will come sooner rather than later!