A Narcissist Will Never Tell You The Truth

A Narcissist Will Never Tell You The Truth

If you have ever crossed paths with a narcissist, my heart goes out to you. The toxicity these people spew on whoever they are involved with has ruined many lives and broken many hearts.

Narcissists Are The Worst.

They care about no one else but themselves. Falling in love with them is the worst mistake you can make in matters of romance because you have turned yourself into prey at your most vulnerable state.

But as they say, love is blind. And you might not always know you are sleeping with the enemy.

So, here are some signs that shows you are involved with a narcissist.

1. They Always Need Praise

A narcissist cannot live without approval from the people they meet. Anyone who does not give them this adoration quickly sees their bad side, and it's no pretense - narcissists get really hurt when you don't praise them.

To feed their oversized egos, these people need constant praise, and they go to a lot of lengths to get it. So, if you see that someone is nice to you only when you praise them and usually harsh towards you when you don't, then watch out! That might be a narcissist.

2. Overt Jealousy

Jealousy is one of a narcissist's most important tools. They will not be afraid to express their jealousy whenever they are sure it will serve their purpose.

But a narcissist's jealousy goes beyond because they also try to take away the attention the other person is getting so they seem better than everyone. This includes the people they love.

Even if you achieve something noteworthy, a narcissist will try to make it about himself or herself or get extremely jealous and try to bring you down. In short, a narcissist can never be happy about your achievements.

3. Using You For Their Benefit

A narcissist never has good intentions for you, and everyone is in their lives for their own benefit. These people are always looking for ways they can exploit you more.

That is why narcissists always attach themselves to people they can exploit. They also readily distance themselves from people who cannot fall for their exploitative schemes.

4. Always Blaming Others

Whether or not a narcissist is in the wrong, the other person is usually the problem, not them. Narcissists are very self-righteous, and they know how to twist stories so that the blame falls on someone else.

With no sympathy or empathy, they never care about the damage their false accusations do to their victims. They will even attack the victims they have blamed for their mistakes to prove they are in the right.

5. General Arrogance

Narcissists can be very arrogant, especially when faced with negative attention over things they have done. They take all forms of criticism as personal attacks, and they will usually respond as such and leave you wondering what the hell you said.

That is because narcissists expect to be perfect in the eyes of everyone, which makes them pretty toxic.

6. They Think Too Highly Of Their Accomplishments

Narcissists have big egos to conceal their brokenness. They like to brag and show off, regardless of how mundane their accomplishments are. They feed off false attention, so they don't know what's praiseworthy and what's not.

Do these signs remind you of someone close to you? If yes, get away as soon as you can because nothing good comes from this toxic relationship. Nothing.