A Mistake Is An Accident, Cheating Is An Intentional Choice

Cheating  is the most disrespectful, hurtful, selfish thing you can do to someone you love. You should be committed when you are in a relationship. You don’t do anything to hurt them, or leave them for anyone else. I will never understand these kind of people, but cheating seems to be a second nature for some of them.

Don’t destroy people around you by revenge

For example, there is a woman I knew, she married her high school lover. They have 3 kids, a beautiful house. Their relationship, their marriage was based on « Honesty ». She had everything to be happy about. He never treated her bad, he’s never been violent or abusive. Her marriage ended in divorce because she was cheating on her husband with her coworker. She cheated because she said he loved to watch and play too much basketball. A passion can destroy a couple true, but talk to each other, you are human. Tell him what is wrong in order to fix it. But she didn’t.

Or this man who was in a relationship for 8 years. He found out his girlfriend had an affair and he left. It could’ve stopped here, but he did the same thing to someone else. He was hitting on a married woman at work. He managed to destroy this couple who finally divorced. If you are single, there is plenty fish in the sea. Stop hitting on a people in relationships.

The bad people bring you experiences and lessons and it is true. In those two examples they is a lot in commons. One got everything to be happy about, but it seems she’s never been satisfied. The second one took revenge on his ex-girlfriend by using a married woman for her physical appearance. In both cases, they don’t have dignity or respect.

Cheaters stop crying

To sum up, the cheaters like to play the victims. They are adults, they know what is right or wrong. They will manage to make you feel guilty about their cheating. Not only do they destroy you from the inside, but according to them the reason it happened is because of you.They will never admit their responsibilities they will say I made a mistake. No, dear a mistake is an accident, but cheating is an intentional choice. Nobody forced you to do it. Or when they cry they think we will have pity for them? Hell to the no! Why do you cry? Do you feel guilty? Because you got caught? Or you couldn’t handle two people at the same time?

Cheaters stop crying when you destroy your relationship with your own hands. You don’t cry when you sleep with someone else, when you cheat on your partner. You don’t cry about the pain you cause to your children or your family. Assume the consequences of your own actions, don’t put the blame on your partner. The only one responsible is yourself and nobody else.

In conclusion, if there is something wrong in your relationship, talk to each other, go to see a counselor. If you tried to fix your relationship and it doesn’t work, get a peaceful separation but don’t cheat. You don’t need to lose yourself in an affair. The new person whom you cheated with will never trust you completely, they will never have full respect for you. Do you know why? Because they saw what you did to your ex partner or spouse. All people have feelings. If you are not interested in someone they have the right to be informed before you leave or cheat.