A Man Who Will Love You Right Will Walk Into Your Life One Day

A Man Who Will Love You Right Will Walk Into Your Life One Day

I know you have suffered many disappointments and heartbreaks, and you may have long since given up hope of ever finding the right man for you. But believe me when I tell you he is on his way towards you.

You are all he needs in his life.

The Day You Have Dreamed About For Years Is Coming

And even though you fear to fall for the wrong man once again, you will be thrilled to have this man come into your life.

When he comes, your life will change in ways you never thought possible.

The pain still in your heart will disappear like a mist. The wounds you thought you would carry with you forever will close up and heal.

The best form of love you thought you knew will be replaced by a kind of love that will be beyond anything you have ever imagined.

For The First Time In Your Life, You Will Know What True Love Means

When you meet for the first time, he will know with certainty how long you have suffered. In his arms, you will find a welcoming and warm abode where you will forget your ugly past and be in the beautiful moment as you fantasize about your beautiful future.

The sad and lonely nights you spent crying will seem like a bad dream because your happy life will be so real.

No longer will negative emotions overwhelm you with their terrible toxicity.

In your life, you will find light, warmth and love.

With this man, you will remember how much you are worth. You will finally accept that there is a place for faith in this life.

When you look into his eyes, you will know you were meant to be together. Every beat of your heart will assure you of that.

You will go to bed with a smile on your face, and wake up with a smile on your face.

When you look within yourself, you will wonder where the sadness dwelt within you is, because it will be gone forever.

His Love Will Be Like The Warm, Sweet, And Refreshing Rays Of The Morning Sun

When you see him, you will feel at home and will not want to be anywhere else.

He will be your rock, and you will feel safe giving him your heart.

You will wonder why you ever doubted the existence of true love. You will realize that the seemingly endless years you waited for true love were insignificant compared to how good it actually feels.

For once, you will find peace because relationship mistakes will be a thing of the past.

No longer will you live under the cloud of uncertainty that comes with not knowing how the relationship will turn out.

You will find that many of your insecurities were nothing to worry about. This man will accept you and all you are.

There will be no doubts in your mind that letting him into your life was the best thing you ever did.

Your Dream Will Have Finally Come True

Life will seem beautiful and colorful once again.

For once, your favorite love story will be your own. Not even your favorite fairy tale will stand up to your romantic story.

So, wait for the day the right man will walk into your life because it's coming, and it will give your life meaning once more.