A Man Who Truly Loves You Won't Stop Pursuing You – It's That Simple

A Man Who Truly Loves You Won't Stop Pursuing You – It’s That Simple

Men are wired to pursue. It's simply in their DNA, and if he is not doing it with you, or he has stopped doing it, then it's as simple as it gets; he just isn't that into you. Why? Because a man who loves you and genuinely wants you in his life will not stop pursuing you.

Men don't generally play too many mind games. If he is interested in you, he will go out of his way to make sure you know his feelings and intentions. He will communicate with you, and his phone calls and texts are something you can expect on a daily basis. He will make plans with you and take you out on fun dates. He will shower you with compliments and every so often, he will shower you with thoughtful little gifts. Don't be too surprised if he decides to surprise you at work, a bouquet of flowers in one hand with a sweet note and a box of your favorite treats in the other.

A man who is interested in you will do all that and so much more. Men do love the chase, and he will invest his time and resources to chase you if he is genuinely interested. If he is interested in you, you will know, and so will everyone else around you. He will pull all the stops and spare no expenses nor emotions to let you know how he feels. He will leave no room for you to second guess his feelings for you or about your place in his life. For a man who is interested, the chase will not stop, and he will do all he can to let you know how important you are in his life.

If you find yourself always making excuses for why a man isn't putting in the effort with you, it may be time to just move on. If you are having a conversation with your girls or anyone else for that matter, and you find yourself saying things like "I know he really likes me, but...," that's just sad, and you deserve better. That consistent "but" is a dead giveaway. A man who doesn't want to be with you will not put in the effort, but he will come up with every excuse in the book just to spare your feelings.

Instead of allowing yourself to be taken for a ride and trying to find comfort in his silly excuses, do yourself a favor and move on from such a man. You don't want to wake up five years from now and realize when it's too little, too late; that he has no intention of committing to you. Even worse, you wouldn't want to wake up to the news that he has committed to someone else, and you are left feeling like a fool for having waited around for so long for something that never came.

If he's busy making excuses and not showing you any interest, get busy walking away with your head held high like the strong woman that you are. The right guy will come along, and you wouldn't want to miss out on a great guy just because you were too caught up waiting for a man who couldn't care less about you. If he really wanted you, he would have pursued you, and he would never stop.