A Man Who Knows Your Worth Will Come Along

A Man Who Knows Your Worth Will Come Along

Ladies, there is a difference between a man who wants you and a man who values you. The day you understand this difference is the day you will find the right man. I know you have had enough of the wrong men and relationships that have literally numbed your feelings. Now, what? It's about time you start respecting yourself, first. The fact that you have kissed more than a couple of frogs doesn't necessarily mean the prince won't come along. Your prince is out there, stuck in a tree or something.

First things first, No losing hope!

You can't lose hope just because you have fallen for the wrong men in life. Whenever you feel like you are done with the relationship drama, think about what you deserve, not what those men made you feel like. For all the hard work you do, the efforts you put into a relationship, there's got to be a life for you ahead, where your loving husband will hug you from behind with a coffee made for you. So, stay! You could be near him.

Stop rushing, really

Let's say your relationship just ended or you have not gotten over it maybe. Wait, give it some time, and then go. Mostly, when you rush into a relationship to forget the awkward feeling your previous relationship is giving you, it is bad. You will end up comparing the two relationships and end up not being good at either. For everything on earth, there is a healing time. Give your feelings that time so that it can mend itself to fight back.

Remember, you are enough

When you start valuing yourself and know what you deserve, that's when you will recognize the right man. You'd maybe realize he has been so close to you all along and you didn't even recognize he is the one. Respect yourself. Invest all your trust in the fact that you deserve a happy, happy life with the right man. The right one will eventually fall in your path.

It's time you find the right one

Then, you will know why you weren't enough for the men you dated or have been with before. You will know why it did not work, why it didn't make sense. Let me rewind and remind you of what our elders often told us — When you know, you know. Trust that!

The right man will appreciate your soul and body, accept you for who you are, support you through your mood swings and work stress, respect your integrity and independence and make you feel like you are the only girl in existence. For those who told you these were only stories and not applicable for real life, they haven't found the love of their life yet. The right one would do all of it for you. From the simple morning coffee to kissing you good night, he will keep proving his love in every action he does. One day, you won't have to fight for his love or attention, because you will have it all.

Be open to what is yet to come. Don't compare or expect a man to express his love with certain actions. You could be the girl who makes him a Sunday sandwich to show you love him but he could show his love by taking you for a long ride to help you forget your work stress. Just look deeper.