A Loyal Guy Will Do These Things Without Hesitation

A Loyal Guy Will Do These Things Without Hesitation

Men have very different characters than women, but despite our differences, we all share a want for loyalty in relationships.

After kissing all the toads, we hope to one day find a man that will be loyal and devoted to us, just as we are to them. It is hard to tell whether the man you have found is just another toad or your true loyal prince charming. The qualities below are things that a guy will do without hesitation if he is 100% loyal and ready to be a true prince to you.

He is open and honest with you

Honesty is a virtue that is more important than any other character a man can exhibit. A woman can respect real openness and honesty, and when a guy gives you the truth willingly and without it being squeezed out of him, he is loyal and just for you.

He will always consider your needs over his own

A loyal man will always lose his comfort if need be to make you comfortable and happy. He will go the extra mile to fulfill your wants and needs. If it means giving his life for you, he will definitely give to keep you in comfort.

He tells you when you have wronged him

Instead of behaving indifferently when he is upset with you, he will approach you and explain to you how you have hurt him. With great love, he will talk about his issues with you.

He will always protect you physically and emotionally

A loyal man will always be there to protect you. It doesn't mean you as the lady can't protect yourself, but he is there for you whenever you need him. He does not ever want to watch you get hurt. If anyone tends to be hostile toward you, he will defend you fully no matter the situation.

He puts all of his trust in you

He knows you well. He takes no information from elsewhere about you. He will always take you by your word. Nothing you tell him is of a doubt. You never need to prove anything to him, because he trusts you.

He isn't afraid to show his vulnerable side to you

He will speak out about himself effortlessly to you. He will express his emotions even if it means he might shed a tear. He is loyal to you and wants you only in his life, so he isn't scared to show any part of himself to you.

He appreciates you and everything that you do

In every little thing you do, he always appreciates you. He gives you random gifts, kisses, and compliments. He cooks for you every now and again, helps around the house, or even helps you with groceries. He doesn't miss any chances to show you that he appreciates you.

He honors his promise

He always stands by his word. He will never fail to do what he promises to do. He goes out of his way to make good on every promise he makes.

He respects you

Not only does he respect you, but he also respects himself and all other people in his life. Notice statements he says about other women and people in general. This will help you know how he is going to treat you if you stay with him long term.

He should respect all of you and your changes in personality. He should respect your religious beliefs, customs, emotional needs, physical needs, your past, your general outlook on life, and everything in between about you.

He loves your dreams

He supports your every ambition in life. He helps you to push on when things are hard and helps you to be who you want to be. He will never discourage you from hitting any goal you set for yourself. He will celebrate your greatness and achievements with you.

He is faithful

Loyal doesn't always mean just not cheating, but if he is faithful and loyal to you in every other way as well, you have a keeper. A loyal man will never dream about leaving you or being with anyone else in any way.

He has strict boundaries with other ladies

He shows boundaries to other ladies by treating you differently from them. He doesn't look twice at co-workers or women in public. While he is a gentleman and kind to everyone around him, you are the one who gets the very best parts of him. He makes it clear that he has a woman, and won't let any woman mistake his kindness for flirtation because he is taken!

He's always open with you

He speaks out about himself and tells everything to you because you are a part of him. You are the one he wants to come home to after a long day and laugh with.

This is the kind of man that every lady should have in life. We all deserve someone loyal, and these signs are things that a loyal man will do without any hesitation!