A Letter To The Person Who Gave Their Heart To Someone Who Didn't Deserve It

A Letter To The Person Who Gave Their Heart To Someone Who Didn’t Deserve It

This letter goes out to all the men and women who have offered their hearts to people who weren't worth it...

First of all, understand that you are not the problem. You were not the weak one, and you were not foolish. It was the exact opposite because you were brave enough to go through hell chasing a noble thing - love.

More importantly, you survived what they put you through.

The love you have to offer is unlike any other. It's unconditional.

And it's not that you are blind to the level of madness in the world. In spite of it all, you make a choice to see the good in people, even those who have none to offer. All I can tell you is that you're incredible.

I have the greatest respect for you because you made it through this hell. Against all odds, you are still standing.

I respect you for offering them this precious gift when they were very undeserving of it. You gave them a chance, and for that, I salute you.

You invested time and resources in them, and you kept at it even though you did not get anything back.

You have my utmost respect because you prioritized them when they did not offer you the same courtesy. They used you, but you still chose to love them. Once more, I respect that.

You were worthy of the same level of respect and love you were giving, but in their selfishness, they took and took until you had no more to give. And for that, all I can tell you is that you deserve the world.

Everything about you is love. That is why you kept loving even though you weren't getting love in return. Most people fall apart in such relationships, but you are still standing.

You fill the empty spaces in people with love, and you do it without expecting much in return. For this, I salute you.

They pushed you away when you needed them, but you still held on, and for this, I salute you.

You forgave and gave second chances, you even gave other chances beyond that, and it was not that they deserved it. I respect you for this.

All I can tell you is that you have no reason to feel stupid or weak because they took you for granted. Remember that these people need someone like you to show them what true love means, and you were that light in the loveless darkness that engulfed them.

You were positive regardless of all this desolation. You were proud even when everything seemed to be falling apart all around you.

I respect that you chose to believe in love and its power to transform even people who cannot give it back or experience it.

I understand that it was hard for you to finally give up on love and use the love you gave them on yourself. I respect your courage. It's remarkable.

You have a heart of gold, and even though you were shattered into pieces, you are still a beautiful star in a dark sky.

That light still shines bright. You did not let them snuff it out. For that, you have my greatest admiration.

I understand the immense and superhuman effort it takes to show love in a relationship where you are not getting love back. You were immensely brave to walk away from the person you loved and forgive them before eventually taking the time to heal your wounds.

You might not always hear this, but know that the world is a better place with you in it.