A Letter To My Missing Cousin Patricia

A Letter To My Missing Cousin Patricia

Dear Patricia,

You went missing one month before I was born. I am your cousin Eileen. You've never met me, but I have been thinking about you since I was a child.

I wondered what happened to you. In fact, we all did. But some people could not be bothered, which made me so angry.

I was too young to help you, and they did not have the DNA back then that we have now to have helped your case. I am so sorry that you have not been found yet.

Your Son and I gave our DNA everywhere so that if we found you, you would have your name back. What happened, Patty?

Were you murdered? Were you in an accident?

Not knowing has been haunting me as well as those of us who care about you.

But, because of you, several of us are helping the missing and the unidentified, trying to bring others home. You were so special and had dreams.

You are a Grandmother and would be so proud of your children. Your daughter-in-law takes terrific care of your son and their children.

I will not stop praying until you get your name back! I love you, and I promise you will never be forgotten.

You belong to us.

A Letter To My Missing Cousin Patricia

Dedicated to all the missing moms, daughters, women, men, and children.

We will never give up on you.