A Letter To My Big Brother

a letter to my big brother

We all are familiar with the true love and struggles involved with a caring yet annoying older sibling. As younger ones, we always try to look up to our elder siblings, big brothers particularly.

They become our closest friends, go-to persons, and role models. Over time, I have learned that my superhero does not have a fancy costume but does have a golden heart, which I adore. Many times you seem to be the source of his greatest suffering, but you are also in his happiest moment.

You have done endless things that irritate your big brother, stuff that makes him insane, but he struggles every day to support and love you. Apart from the parent's love, I believe there is no stronger bond than that of siblings.

Most of those efforts my brother has made for me have gone unnoticed. I'm certain he has felt that his actions were not noticed due to the lack of appreciation. We all are likely to take little things for granted, including those we care about.

I'm sure I have not expressed him in a while, so here is the thank you letter that every older brother deserves once in a while.


Dear Brother,

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for being my lifetime best friend and play buddy. After I destroyed your toys and smashed your favorite items, you always came to me with a big smile. From the beginning, you have grabbed my hand whenever I have dropped.

You would protect me and accuse yourself to just get me off from trouble whenever mommy wanted to ground me. You have always stood up for me when I have done something wrong, and you have never asked me over something you know I will never do.

From the days I was in piggy tails until now, you have held me safe and close. I'm afraid I would never have been who I am today without your help through my formative years in this cruel world.

brother and sister smiling

Thank you for always showing me that I am special. You have always been able to identify when something is wrong with me and restore me to my happy spot. You have always figured out a way, whether it is mocking me before I cry or making silly faces before I smile. When I can not see something, you help me understand.

You guided me on track and given a wake-up call when I required the most. When I thought there was no hope left, you have given me confidence in your silly ways. You have always been able to have a clear vision.

Thank you for raising the bar so far. I could not aspire to be different if you were not the guy you are now.

With all of your accomplishments and desire to exceed the boundaries set, you have made me proud to call you my elder brother. You have seen a lot more in life than I have, and you have encountered a lot more. That is the reason I pay attention to every single word and message you convey. I'm in awe of your desire to share that much without even taking anything in return.

a letter to my big brother
a letter to my big brother

Thank you for encouraging me in what I can do. I have made life difficult for you and have not always made the correct choices; you have taught me the most important lessons. I might have messed up and not spoken to you for several hours after you told mommy and daddy about me, but looking, I'm glad you did. I would never have learned any of my most important lessons without that experience.

You have advised me that there are consequences of anything I do, whether I realize it or not. As a result, I have been more confident in my decisions and respect your opinion, even if I did not get it at that moment.

I'm thankful to you, and I want to express my regret for the moments I have disappointed you, upset you, or ignored what you have been doing as my brother.

Just so you know, as your little sister, I will not become less irritating. Please note that no one can love you more than me. Even if I try to express it in various ways, you could never fully understand it.


Every time God has provided me to be with you has been a blessing. I admire you, and I am proud of you, but above all else, I love you so much. Thank you for becoming my elder brother and lovingly carrying me in your arms.

Many people will come and go, but you will always have a special place in my heart.

a letter to my big brother
a letter to my big brother

Love you always,

Your little sister!

20 years of living together, with many more to go...