A Hopeless Romantic Who Overthinks

A Hopeless Romantic Who Overthinks

Girls like her are as fragile as glass. When the glass breaks, it shatters into pieces and so does her trust when the person she truly loves cheats on her.

Indeed, she is a hopeless romantic but also loves to overthink every situation, whether it's good or bad.

The past has shaped her into an over-thinker because of the people who have let her down. Therefore, she makes up different worse-case scenarios and prepares herself for the future.

She is careful about who she gives access to into her life. Whenever she meets a new person, the past pops up and reminds her of how people have treated her, leading to major trust issues.

No matter how many times you prove your friendship to her, she has fear and negativity engulfed inside her, making it hard for her to completely believe you.

Life has tested her in so many ways that she feels scared whenever an opportunity knocks on her door. She is afraid of giving it a shot for fear of history repeating itself since she always expects the worse.

Because of her past, she tries to read the emotions shown in your face and examine the words you speak, always searching for hidden meanings behind your thought process.

She believes that she deserves the love that she gives to everybody around her. Even if you bring her the moon and the stars, she will always expect more when it comes to love and care.

She needs to be constantly reminded of the place she holds in your life. The thought of not being enough would haunt her in her dreams. She needs reassurance.

You must be thinking about how difficult it would be to form a relationship with her, but believe me when I say that she is a beautiful soul who loves from her depths. When she loves, she loves deeply with all of her heart.

She has a gem of a heart who would take a bullet for you. She will be there for you through thick and thin and would show you what true love is. She would selflessly care for you and never leave you on your own.

As you slowly and gradually peel away her layers of protection, you will find the beautiful pieces of her that embody her. You would find yourself falling in love with her. Until then, be patient. She can be hard to understand, but her love is as deep as the ocean. Never let her slip through your fingers. Love her the way she should be loved and see how she blooms into a flower.