A Guy Who Wants To Be In Your Life Will Make An Effort To Stay In It

Despite guys appearing perplexing, dating can actually be straightforward. If a guy is interested in you, he will prioritize spending time with you, leaving no room for doubt about his feelings. This is because a guy who desires to be a part of your life will put in the necessary effort to remain present in it.

1. He'll Make You His Number One Priority

Although a guy may have ambitions for his career and care deeply about his loved ones, if he's genuinely interested in you, he'll strive to make you his top priority. He won't cancel or postpone plans, even if he's swamped with work or feeling unwell. This is the kind of guy who will want to spend time with you even when he's battling a severe cold (although smooching might not be on the table).

2. He Won't Be Able To Live Without You

The moment he recognizes the depth of his feelings for you, it will be a turning point. He won't be able to fathom his existence without you, and he'll truly value the joy you bring into his life. If you share similar sentiments towards him, it's undoubtedly the best possible outcome.

3. He'll Think That You Have A Positive Influence On Him

The best type of guys, who are genuine boyfriend material and embody #relationshipgoals, fully comprehend your incredible qualities. They recognize your strength and confidence and hold a great deal of respect for your strong work ethic. They understand that you have not only had a significant impact on their life, but have also motivated them to strive for self-improvement. Knowing that you have such a positive influence on their life, they will always make an effort to prioritize spending time with you. The mere thought of neglecting your company would never cross their mind.

4. He'll Miss You When You're Not Around

Truly, the most effective method to make a guy appreciate how well-suited you are for him is to spend some time apart, which will inevitably result in him missing you immensely. However, it's advisable to do this only at the initial stage of the relationship because afterward, you'll have a conversation and establish that you can't bear to spend too much time away from one another. Eventually, you won't have to experience such longing for each other as you'll spend ample time together, in addition to carrying out everyday tasks like going to work or meeting up with friends.

5. He'll Make You A Massive Part Of His Life

It's not enough for him to simply introduce you to his family; he will extend an invitation for you to spend holidays with them. He won't just have you meet his friends, but he'll also include you in their regular hangouts. His desire to maintain a lasting relationship with you is reflected in his actions to demonstrate that you hold a significant place in his life.

6. He Won't See Small Blips Or Hiccups As Dealbreakers

Regardless of whether you've decided to abstain from alcohol, reduce your carb intake, or are dealing with excessive work-related stress, the right guy will love and accept you for who you are, without attempting to alter your lifestyle. He won't perceive any situation as an obstacle, as he acknowledges that all relationships have their highs and lows, and is confident that the two of you can overcome any challenge that may arise. His commitment to you ensures that he won't view any circumstance as a dealbreaker, which exhibits his level of maturity and provides a comforting feeling.

7. He'll Always Tell You How He Feels About You

This is the type of guy who may openly express his feelings towards you, repeatedly telling you that he likes or loves you. You'll likely find this endearing since it's always pleasant to receive such words. Having a clear understanding of where you stand in his life will be refreshing, and it's reassuring to know that he's genuinely interested in you.

8. He'll Constantly Move The Relationship Forward

When you enter into a mature, healthy relationship that is based on love, respect, and compassion, you'll realize how insignificant the time you spent wondering about what guys were thinking really was. The guy who genuinely desires to be a part of your life will always strive to take the relationship to the next level. Whether it's initiating a serious discussion about the future, expressing his love for you, or deciding when it's time to move in together, he won't leave you guessing or worrying about whether he's as committed as you are.

9. He'll Straight Up Tell You He's Not Scared Of The Future

It's often said that guys are afraid of commitment, but this particular guy is aware of that reputation, and he won't want you to think the same thing about him. In fact, he'll make it clear to you that he's not afraid of the future because he's with you and loves you. By doing so, he's reassuring himself that he has nothing to worry about, and he's letting you know that you can always rely on him.

10. He'll Be The Complete Opposite Of Every Other Guy That You've Dated

This guy is different from the others you've been with. He'll be dependable, keep plans, suggest fun date ideas, and go all-out to show his affection for you, even if it means being cheesy sometimes. He'll be emotionally mature, sweet, and reliable, and you'll recognize it when you meet him because he'll make a huge effort to stay in your life. Ultimately, he's the one you've been waiting for.