A Guy Who Refuses To Do These 10 Things Definitely Won't Make Things Official


To determine if he will commit to making you his official girlfriend, it's crucial to observe not only his words but also his actions. If he fails to exhibit these 11 behaviors, it's best to stop waiting and seek someone who is genuinely interested in a serious relationship.

1. Make You A Priority

If he prioritizes spending his free time with you and seeks to see you on weekends, it's a positive sign that he values your company. Conversely, if he seems evasive and unwilling to make plans, it's a clear indication that he may not be the right fit for you.

2. Keep You In The Loop

While it's not necessary for him to share his Gmail password for you to check his calendar, he should still keep you informed about his plans and activities. When a guy does this, it demonstrates his desire to include you in his life and reveals his intentions. By being transparent about his schedule, he's indicating that he has no hidden agenda or secrets to keep from you.

3. Tell You What's On His Mind (without You Having To Ask)

If you find yourself having to ask him what's on his mind, and he responds with vagueness and mystery, it could be a sign that he's not willing to open up to you. Unfortunately, if he's unwilling to share his thoughts, it's unlikely that he will allow you into his life either. Before considering having a conversation with him about it, it's important to acknowledge that his reluctance to communicate on certain topics may be his way of signaling that he doesn't want to take the relationship any further.

4. Ask For Advice

When a guy trusts you enough to seek your advice on issues such as dealing with a difficult co-worker or managing his family business, it's a clear indication that he values and respects your perspective. This behavior reveals that he considers your relationship to be a partnership, with both parties working together. On the other hand, if he continually turns to others for advice and fails to confide in you, it's likely that he doesn't view your relationship as significant, and he may not be interested in defining the relationship (DTR).

5. Be Truly Over His Ex

If a guy is not completely over his ex, it's unlikely that he can fully invest himself in a new relationship. When he consistently talks about his ex and expresses strong feelings for her, whether positive or negative, it's evident that he's still emotionally attached to the past. It's best to seek out someone who's emotionally available and ready for a fresh start, rather than settling for someone who's stuck in the past.

6. Be Open About His Past

It's not ideal if a guy keeps mentioning his ex, but it's also concerning if he never discusses her at all. This could indicate that he's hiding something or unwilling to open up. It's crucial to strike a balance in the way he talks about his past relationships. If he can discuss his previous partners in a mature manner that demonstrates his openness with you but doesn't dwell on the past, it's a positive sign.

7. Commit To Plans

A guy who confidently makes weekend plans on a Monday is not only a great catch, but he's also indicating that he's ready to take the relationship to the next level. This behavior suggests that he envisions a future with you and is eager to spend quality time with you. It's a clear indication that he prioritizes you over other commitments and is committed to building a strong relationship with you.

8. Make Plans Instead Of Leaving It All To You

It's an encouraging sign if a guy consistently asks you out and shows enthusiasm for planning enjoyable activities together. Conversely, if he changes the subject or appears disinterested when you suggest doing something fun, it's a clear indication that he's not prioritizing your relationship.

9. Be Consistent With His Word And Texts

If a guy follows through on his promises, such as calling when he says he will, and responds to your texts in a timely manner, it's a positive sign. Consistency in his behavior and actions indicates that he's sincere about pursuing a relationship with you and values your time and communication.

10. Be Quick With The Introductions

If a guy introduces you by name or as his girlfriend when you run into his friends, it's a positive sign. Although it may be awkward if you haven't had a DTR (define the relationship) conversation yet, the point is that he's not trying to avoid introductions between you and his loved ones. He won't shy away or downplay your relationship status by referring to you as just a "friend."

11. Be Your Plus-one

If you invite your guy to be your date for your best friend's wedding and he declines with a vague excuse like "having a thing" on that day, it could be a red flag, especially if he consistently does this whenever you ask him to be your plus-one. However, if he eagerly accepts the invitation and is excited to be seen in public with you, it's a positive sign that he's interested in taking the relationship to the next level.