A Guy Talking Dirty Can Improve And Deepen A Relationship

A Guy Talking Dirty Can Improve And Deepen A Relationship

A guy talking dirty is familiar, but how do you encourage him? Do you want to? And if you're one of the boys, what's the thing you should be saying? Here are all the answers and juicy examples!

Sexy conversations are a form of teasing, an aphrodisiac for most guys, and fuel for expressing their macho side. It can include everything, from sexual slang to a seductive voice asking your partner for permission to do whatever comes to your mind.


Dirty talk can be a compelling part of eroticism. Words can trigger the imagination, heat up sexual tension, and help you completely release the sexual side of your personality. That's why your guy talking dirty is great unless you're not comfortable with that kind of talk.

Tips for a guy talking dirty

What should I say? How can I say that? Does she want me to say that? What if I sound silly or stupid?


Dirty talk seems to flow in movies, but do you have to practice a lot to become a master of dirty talking…actually, not really.

Most people are ashamed even if they think about it, but that's essentially because they haven't skilled the basic guidelines.

But let's solve that big mystery and discuss the basics.

Most common phrases for guys

Before we move on to the specific phrases you can use, let's talk about some general guidelines that will turn you into a true master of dirty talking.


Sexting is an excellent introduction to a live conversation. Use it to send your partner something which will trigger (his or her) imagination. Start slowly and follow her rhythm.

Detailed descriptions are something that excites mostly the majority of people when it comes to dirty talking.

There's nothing wrong if you say, "You are so sexy" or "I love to make love with you" to your partner. But wouldn't you like to turn your partner on with more descriptive details?


"Yes, I like that" can easily become more productive with something like, "Oh yes, keep doing that! I just adore feeling your hands on my body! You are the hottest person on this planet!"

"You look great" sounds so much sexier when you say: "You're far better than any fantasy I could ever think of." Also, you could say: "I love you so much and you're perfect/beautiful/sexy/small/big…" and use it on whatever part of your partner's body you are complimenting.


"I love sex with you" also could be said as "I love how you grab the sheets when you're about to finish." Or:" I love how you hold your breath when I put my lips between your legs"…

Add some romance to your typical macho dirty talk:" There is no place in the world where I would rather be at this moment than on you." It's not the most sentimental thing in the world, yet it shows closeness.


Isn't that better?

But, your tone and the way you say things are crucial. Make your voice sexy as your words. Whispering can be phenomenal because that's how you can stimulate your partner's erogenous zone – ears.

How to let your guy know you encourage his talk

"Building sexual tension can make interaction and anticipation even hotter."


The majority of women don't have a problem with a guy talking dirty. Actually, many of them prefer it.

Be cheeky. Tease your man. Tell him what you want him to do. Whisper to him: "I've been thinking about you all day long...", and then lick his ear…

Compliment him. Believe it or not, guys fall for flattery much more than women.

Boost his ego. If he feels sexy around you, he'll be more desperate for you.


What if you're not into his sex talk?

So, your man is all about kinky talk, but you're not. You don't have to put up with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but don't make him feel ashamed for expressing himself.

Instead, let him know that while you're not into it, it doesn't mean that you're not willing to compromise.


If that's still way too much, be honest. Keeping an open mind is one thing, but if it's insulting or unpleasant, tell him.

Sometimes, not too often, this issue can become a real deal-breaker in a relationship. However, if your man is trying his best to behave and only uses his sexy voice when he's about to close the deal, try to understand that it's man's primal instinct.


We'll get into that a bit later, but before, here's why guy talking dirty might be good for your love.

A guy talking dirty as a sign of intimacy

For many couples, sex talk is a way to connect further. It's not just about letting your partner know what feels good; there's more to it than that.

Some men are shy, so if your guy is one of them, dirty talk is a sign that he's more open and relaxed when he's around you.


It's beneficial for women as well because when you have a guy talking dirty, you can use your imagination, reveal your fantasies, and feel even more connected to him. It's a form of intimacy and even a way of forming more trust.

Dirty talk continues outside the bedroom

If you have a guy talking dirty between the sheets, you can expand it to sexting, as we mentioned above. Show some initiative to let him know that you enjoy your sweet nothings, or in this case, sweet nastiness.


Pay attention to your body language, and let your partner know that you want them. By simply giving them "the look."

Furthermore, if you're not into talking, moan, scream, scratch, touch them. You don't have to be PDA fans to express that you enjoy feeling your partner.

There's nothing sexier than when two people meet, and instead of overthinking every move, they allow themselves to enjoy each other.


And if you're into it, break all the rules you might have had, and write or say whatever is on your mind, whether you're at work or merely lounging.

What makes guy talking dirty so appealing?

What makes some men be into this form of communicating? Is it simply human nature, and what's behind all the words?

Women either love it or loathe it, but what do psychologists have to say?


The National Center for Biotechnology Information proved that orgasm discharges oxytocin, a chemical that reduces your stress levels. Lowering your stress levels means you're likely less restrained and more likely to say what you want or think. Even if you usually wouldn't in your everyday lives.

Maybe you have something hot and filthy to say about your partner's body, but you're too self-conscious to say it for a variety of reasons. Yet, it slips out right at the climax.


If you have something very kinky on the tip of your tongue, it may be more likely to come out as you're achieving orgasm.

In other words, when a guy is talking dirty, he's speaking in the name of his "other head." So, yes, it's all normal. There's no elephant in the room.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons why the guy talking dirty is hot. And just as many reasons it's a bit messy and often confusing.


Let's not assume that all men are comfortable with sex talk. For many, this is still a sensitive subject. They don't want to feel like they are objectifying their partner.

And the same thing can be said about the ladies. Some think it's hot, others find it disgusting, but let's not forget all women who are afraid of speaking erotic.


If there's one thing we can all learn from this talk is that we're equally scared. Yet, it's only words. But they are revealing our deepest desires, so dirty talk is not just hot. It's also personal.

What matters the most is that you, as a unity, talk things through and see all the positive sides of a guy talking dirty and a gal following his lead.


It's hot, and as long as you're on the same page, it will make your bond more profound. Who knew that talking dirty could lead to a better understanding of your relationship?