A Guy Shares Subtle Signs You're Dating A Player

When embarking on a new relationship, it's important to be aware of signs that your partner may not be fully invested in you. Although more seasoned players may be adept at concealing their deceptive conduct, there are still subtle clues to watch out for that suggest their intentions may not be genuine. Here are some indications that you may be dating a skilled player who is skilled at masking his true motives.

1. He's only nice in private

It's crucial for women to observe a man's behavior towards them in both public and private scenarios. A player would try to avoid displaying any public signs of being in a committed relationship, but in private, he may lavish attention and affection to win your favor and possibly advance his agenda of getting intimate with you.

2. He wants to see you on weeknights

Players typically utilize their weekends to socialize and meet new individuals, seeing it as a numbers game to maximize their chances. If a player asks you out, he may propose a weeknight when venues are less busy, and you're more likely to retire early (if you catch his drift). On the other hand, a man who genuinely desires a romantic connection with you and is committed to building something will likely prefer to plan weekend dates.

3. He doesn't explain why he's too busy to see you

It's understandable if a guy can only meet you on weeknights due to his schedule, but it's concerning if he doesn't have a valid reason. While we all have demanding lives and may not always be available, he should be able to provide a reasonable explanation for his limited availability. Players usually don't feel the need to justify their schedule, so if he doesn't offer an explanation and just claims to be busy, he may be a player trying to conceal something.

4. He makes negative comments about his exes

When a guy consistently speaks poorly about his past relationships, especially if it involves multiple exes, it's generally a negative indication. It suggests that he could be the source of the problems in his previous relationships. Additionally, his repeated negative remarks about his exes indicate a lack of respect for women, a common trait of players.

5. He's unemotional

While it's understandable that not many men are willing to reveal their emotions early on in a relationship, the guy you're dating should still demonstrate enthusiasm and engagement when spending time with you. However, players are often solely focused on their own interests and may not exhibit the same level of emotional investment. In other words, players are typically even less emotionally involved than the average guy.

6. He evades direct questions

Players often appear to have something to conceal and are skilled at evading direct questions. They are particularly adept at providing an answer that seems plausible but is not an actual response to the question asked. Women should be vigilant of this behavior and ensure that the guy genuinely addresses the issue at hand instead of employing double talk to avoid giving a straight answer.

7. He doesn't remember things you tell him

While it's understandable that not all men possess exceptional memory, players are often especially poor at retaining information about you. Given their tendency to interact with numerous women, it can be challenging for them to distinguish one from the other. If a guy can't even remember basic information about you, he may be a player. Conversely, if a guy remembers what you tell him, it demonstrates that he's attentive and actively listening to you, which is an indication that he's genuine.

8. It takes him a while to text you

When I say it takes a while, I mean weeks or even months, not just a few days. In the case of players, the reason for the delay is not that they have forgotten about you or suddenly become extremely busy. It's typically because they have many other women they want to text. On the other hand, if a guy genuinely likes you and is not texting anyone else, he will likely text you within a day or two, even if he's busy.

9. He leaves things uncertain

If a guy is interested in continuing to date you, he will usually make it evident, even if he's a little nervous or awkward about it. This could be an indication that he genuinely likes you. On the other hand, a player will often leave things vague after spending time with you. He may not even be sure if he wants to pursue things further. This is why it's often difficult to know where you stand with a player.

10. He only ever compliments your appearance

Women love compliments, but players are skilled at giving compliments, especially about a woman's physical appearance, which is their primary focus. They do this to get women to let their guard down. While you don't need to be suspicious of all compliments, if a guy is only complimenting your looks, he may be a player who's only interested in one thing.