A Guy Shares Signs Your Boyfriend Has A Crush On Another Woman


Being in a fulfilling relationship doesn't guarantee immunity from being drawn to someone else. As humans, it's natural to find others intriguing or appealing. However, it's crucial to distinguish between harmless infatuation and actual infidelity. If overlooked, the following indicators may suggest that your boyfriend's crush on another woman could escalate into something more worrisome.

1. He Mentions Her A Lot

Let's begin with the most apparent sign - if your boyfriend has a crush on another woman, he's likely to mention her name frequently. In his defense, he may not be intentionally doing so and might not even recognize his feelings. People tend to talk about things they enjoy, and when he's attracted to someone else, he may unconsciously bring her up in conversations, even in your presence.


2. There's A Change In His Routine

If a guy's routine undergoes a noticeable shift, it's natural to question whether something is amiss. This holds true even when he has a crush on another woman. He may acquire fresh interests or hobbies that align with her preferences. Alternatively, he could start frequenting places where he knows she'll be present. Though seemingly insignificant, these actions indicate that he's developing feelings for someone else.


3. He Seems Interested In Her Love Life

When a guy has a crush on someone, he's likely to display a curiosity about her personal life. Despite being aware that he cannot act on his feelings, he'll still want to know about her activities. However, it's important to distinguish between a healthy interest and an unhealthy obsession with another person's personal affairs. If your boyfriend demonstrates an unusual fascination with another woman's romantic life, it's a sign that he harbors strong feelings for her.


4. He's Not Opening Up

If your boyfriend has not previously been reserved, his lack of communication with you may be cause for concern. It is plausible that he may now be confiding in another woman instead. In such a scenario, it is natural for him to develop feelings for her. Although there may be other reasons for his silence, having a crush on someone else is one possibility to consider.


5. His Phone Is Hidden

It's suspicious when a guy becomes overly secretive about his phone. If he's suddenly more careful with it, there might be something going on. Perhaps there are some flirtatious messages with another woman on there that he doesn't want you to see. However, if it matters, it may not be that bad. It's possible that he doesn't want you to come across something that would make you needlessly jealous or get the wrong impression.


6. He's On Social Media A Lot More

When a man develops a crush on someone, he often uses social media to keep tabs on her. If he repeatedly views the same person's profile, he may have feelings for her. Similarly, if he frequently likes or comments on her posts, it could indicate his interest in her.

7. He's Worried About His Appearance

In a committed relationship, it's natural to want to present oneself well to one's partner. However, if a man suddenly becomes overly concerned about his appearance, it may be a sign of something more. While there could be other explanations for his behavior, such as personal or professional pressures, it's possible that he's trying to impress a crush.


8. He Pays Less Attention To You

While there could be various reasons for your partner's decreased attention towards you, it's possible that his feelings for someone else are causing the distraction. Even though it may not be obvious, there could be subtle changes such as less eye contact or reduced attentiveness to your conversations that indicate his mind is preoccupied with the crush. There are many minor signs that indicate your partner's attention may be diverted due to a crush on someone else.


9. He's Got So Many Mood Swings

It can be quite a challenge to be in a relationship while having a crush on someone else. This situation can cause feelings of guilt and frustration for the guy involved. Consequently, it can lead to a time of confusion and stress, causing him to become defensive and prone to outbursts more often than usual.

10. He's Less Physically Affectionate

If your boyfriend is fixated on his crush, it's not surprising that he may show less affection towards you. This could manifest as a decrease in sexual activity or a lack of intimacy during sex. Additionally, there may be less cuddling and other forms of physical affection. While this behavior could indicate several things, one possible explanation is that he's preoccupied with another person.