A Guy Reveals What He's Thinking About When You Go No Contact

After a breakup, it is common to have a period of no contact to allow both parties time to heal. However, this can be difficult because you may be unsure of what the other person is thinking. As a man, it is natural to be curious about what a woman is thinking during this time. It is important to remember that every person is different and it is best to try to understand your former partner's thoughts and feelings based on your own knowledge of them. That being said, here are some possible things that may be going through their mind during this time:

1. What happened?

If a breakup does not provide closure, it is common for men to feel confused and unsure of what went wrong. Without the opportunity to talk to their partner and discuss the breakup, men may find themselves constantly thinking about what they did wrong or what changed in the relationship. It is natural for men to try to understand the situation and find answers. This may lead to them constantly analyzing the events leading up to the breakup and trying to figure out the cause.

2. How can I fix this?

Men have a tendency to fix things. If something is broken, they often assume they can fix it. This is why they may spend time thinking about how to repair whatever is broken, even if it is not always easy. In the case of a relationship, a man may try to fix things and get his partner back.

3. I never should have taken her for granted

Some men may realize that they took their relationship for granted and did not give their partner the attention and care they deserved. They may try to fix things and seek another chance because they believe they can make things right. However, not all men will have this level of self-awareness.

4. Does she miss me?

During the no-contact period, both men and women may wonder if their ex is missing them and hoping for a reconciliation. This can be a difficult question to answer and may cause anxiety as they try to determine if there is hope for the future.

5. Is she better off without me?

It is common for people to fear that their ex has moved on if they have not heard from them after a certain amount of time. This fear may stem from the belief that if the ex was still interested, they would reach out. This may be especially true for men, who may assume that if their ex was not doing well, they would make contact. This thought may become more prevalent the longer they go without any communication.

6. How can I get her to break the silence?

Desperation can sometimes lead to manipulation, and a man may try to find ways to get his ex to initiate contact. These methods may not be well thought out and could come from a place of desperation. It is important for both parties to communicate openly and honestly, rather than resorting to manipulation.

7. Who is she with now?

As the no-contact period continues, men may begin to fear that their ex has moved on and is seeing other people. This can lead to paranoia and may cause them to wonder about the nature of their ex's new relationships. It is natural to have concerns and questions, but it is important to communicate openly and honestly with your ex rather than relying on assumptions.

8. I hate her

This feeling of hatred towards an ex may be more a result of frustration and the inability to cope with the situation. It is important to remember that your ex may not actually hate you, but may simply be struggling with the end of the relationship. It is natural to want to assign blame or find someone to blame in difficult situations, but it is important to try to understand and communicate openly with your ex rather than viewing them as an enemy.

9. Will I ever see her again?

If we don't hear from you and the period of no contact continues, we start to worry if we'll ever see or speak to you again. It can be a difficult time for us as we not only think the relationship is over, but also fear that we don't have a chance to reconcile. Even if we try to move on and accept the breakup, it can be hard to fully let go.

10. Whatever, I don't care

Although they might think they are fine with the breakup, it is unlikely that they truly mean it. This is just a way for them to cope with the difficulty of having no contact with you after the breakup. It is a way for them to convince themselves that they are okay with the breakup, even if it is not true.