A Guy Reveals The Ways Women Are Intimidating Without Even Realizing It

A Guy Reveals The Ways Women Are Intimidating Without Even Realizing It

A close friend recently disclosed one of her fears to me, and I couldn't help but share the conversation with you. Her love life had taken a hit after she got promoted at her workplace and she wasn't really sure what was going on. It didn't take me too long to figure out that most of her potential dates were probably secretly intimidated. In this regard, I have compiled a list of eight factors that might scare guys away without a woman realizing it.

1. Career Excellence

There's nothing as scary as a woman in a position of power. It doesn't matter whether you have a corner office or you just became the head waitress at a local restaurant; power is intoxicating. Boys can't handle it, and the few who do will get ridiculed by their friends for being with a much more powerful woman.

2. Intelligence

If he isn't responding to your texts it's probably because your vocabulary is a notch above his weight class. Rather than admit that he can't understand half of the words coming out of your mouth, a boy will pretend to be uninterested.


Most guys think they have 'game' because they only hit on girls with low self-esteem and other confidence issues. Their luck soon runs out when a woman with great self-confidence comes around. Nobody seems to prepare these boys for a girl who knows herself.

4. Independence

Guys need a girl they can take care of; they need you to be their damsel in distress. Their ego gets a boost every time they pay for a cheap date or change that faulty cable in your apartment. Don't be surprised if a boy goes quiet when a girl can do everything for herself.

5. Beauty

I can personally admit to being intimidated by beauty. I have found myself frozen in my tracks quite a few times after encountering a woman with incredible looks. I end up acting a fool or worse.

6. Alpha-females

History is littered with tales of men who don't follow the pack but rather forge their own path. Unfortunately, boys are never told that some women are just as fierce as alpha-males. Are you an alpha female? I would love to have some of your input on the matter.

7. Feminists

A friend of mine recently confessed to avoiding any woman actively pursuing feminist ideologies. He admits to being 'scared to death' of feminists despite being a highly educated gentleman. He just isn't prepared to handle such an informed woman.

8. Intensity

Some women are intense in everything they do. She'll take you to the gym and lift heavier weights than you but still cry like a little girl when things are going wrong. The intensity you put into your actions is damn scary, and most boys have no idea how to handle you.

This is a very short list of some of the observations I have made about intimidating women. I would love to get your feedback on the topic.

Hopefully, more guys can man up and realize that the modern woman isn't the same creature that they are so used to.