A Guy Reveals How To Tell When He Sees You As A Potential Girlfriend

In the beginning stages of a relationship, both excitement and confusion can be present, particularly because many men are not straightforward about their emotions and plans. Although I cannot guarantee to provide all the answers, I can offer some typical indications that a man might be contemplating a romantic relationship with you and may be preparing to take action.

1. He plans ahead

Creating plans on short notice can be enjoyable and impulsive, but it typically suggests that a man desires a casual relationship. However, if a man considers you a possible girlfriend, he will prioritize future plans. Even if it's just arranging weekend activities on Monday or Tuesday, organizing for upcoming events implies that he views you as a prospective girlfriend. In essence, he's securing plans with you in advance because he's enthusiastic about spending time with you.

2. You meet his friends

You don't need to be a genius to understand that meeting a man's friends is a positive indication. It doesn't have to be a formal introduction, but if a man is comfortable having you around his close buddies, he's likely contemplating a romantic relationship with you. This indicates that he feels at ease around you and believes that his friends will approve of you as well. Additionally, he may want to gauge his friends' opinions on your suitability as a girlfriend. Although it could be a test, it's generally a promising sign.

3. He shares his past

A man is unlikely to open up and share personal information with someone who he doesn't see a future with. So, if a man is at ease discussing his past with you in detail, it's a clear indication that he views you as a potential girlfriend. This suggests that he desires to build a deeper connection with you, and he believes that you'll be in his life for an extended period.

4. He's interested in your past

Likewise, the reverse is accurate. If a man shows an interest in your past, whether it's your childhood or dating experiences, he's likely considering you as a possible girlfriend. In a casual relationship, men generally don't invest time discussing such matters. However, if he believes you may become a consistent presence in his life, he'll demonstrate an interest in getting to know you on a deeper level.

5. He cares about your opinion

A man who doesn't value your opinions is not worth your time and is likely a jerk. Conversely, if a man actively seeks out your opinion and feelings about various things, it's a strong indication that he's serious about you and potentially interested in a romantic relationship. When a man wants to hear your perspectives, it shows that the relationship is progressing beyond superficial conversations, which is a positive sign.

6. His guard comes down

Men realize that they can't maintain a cool and composed facade all the time. While they may try to do so initially, it's often a positive sign when they let their guard down. If a man is comfortable being vulnerable or showing his nerdy side around you and isn't preoccupied with projecting a perfect image, it suggests that he wants to reveal his complete personality to you. In a sense, he's testing the waters to determine whether you'll still be interested in him once he starts showing his genuine self.

7. He compliments your non-physical traits

It's a well-known fact that any man will compliment a woman's appearance if he believes it will help him get her into bed. Hopefully, this isn't news to anyone. However, a man who is genuinely interested in you as a girlfriend will praise qualities beyond your physical attractiveness. In fact, he regards you as someone significant because he appreciates attributes about you that go beyond your appearance.

8. He touches you (in a non-sexual way)

For many men, intimacy can be an intimidating prospect. While a man may be interested in sleeping with you, if he's only looking for something casual, he'll avoid all forms of non-sexual touching such as hand-holding. On the other hand, a man who sees you as a possible girlfriend will actively seek out physical contact. He won't mind holding your hand or cuddling or engaging in playful touching. In fact, he'll welcome different types of non-sexual touching to demonstrate his affection for you.

9. You don't see anyone else around

If you're spending time with a man and there is no evidence of other women in his life, it's likely that he views you as a potential girlfriend. However, it's still wise to be cautious. Some men can be sneaky and still see other people while appearing single. However, if he's not using dating apps and doesn't seem to be spending time with other women, there's a good chance that he's gradually moving towards the possibility of being in a relationship with you.

10. He spends the night at your place

Guys who prefer keeping it casual typically avoid spending the night together. Therefore, a guy who is willing to stay over might be open to something more serious. He could be staying over because he wants to take the relationship to the next level and make you his girlfriend. However, it is essential to be aware of the difference between a guy who wants to stay the night and a guy who feels compelled to stay the night. Most of the time, the only guy who is genuinely interested in spending the night is the one considering you as a potential girlfriend.