A Guy Reveals How To Know If He Likes You After A First Date

Before, during, and after a first date, people often experience a mix of nervousness and excitement. However, this feeling may also be accompanied by anxiety, as it can be difficult to determine whether the other person is interested in you or not. While it may not be appropriate to directly ask a guy about his intentions, there are some subtle signs you can look for to determine if he genuinely likes you. Here are a few ways to tell after a first date.

1. You talk until the date ends

If a first date goes on longer than anticipated due to engaging conversation, it's a good indication that the guy is interested in you. Unlike a bad date where someone would try to end things quickly, extending the date suggests that there is a lot to talk about and he's enjoying your company.

2. He gives you a lingering hug

While many people tend to judge the success of a first date based on whether or not a kiss was shared, this isn't always a reliable indicator. Some guys may try to kiss a girl on the first date to test the chemistry or potential for more. However, if a guy is genuinely interested in you, he may opt for a lingering hug or any form of intimate touching that's not a kiss. These actions could be signs that he's into you.

3. He gets in touch the next day

It's promising if a guy calls or texts you the day after a first date, indicating he's interested. However, it's important to note that players may also use this tactic. To distinguish, if he contacts you to chat and check up on you rather than immediately asking for another date, it's likely that he had a good time and is genuinely interested.

4. He makes consistent eye contact

While it's important to pay attention to this throughout the date, it's particularly crucial to observe towards the end. By then, you'll have spent some time together and he'll have a better sense of his level of interest in you. If he's intentionally making eye contact with you as you're about to leave, it's a sign that he's either hoping to sleep with you that night or that he's genuinely into you.

5. There's no shortage of laughter

Although it may seem obvious, it's important not to overlook this one. If the night ends with the two of you laughing a lot, it's a good sign that he likes you. Even the least perceptive guys can recognize that shared laughter indicates a special connection. Moreover, if a guy tries to make you laugh through text or phone calls afterwards, it's a clear indication that he likes you.

6. He tracks you on social media

It's worth noting that you shouldn't put too much importance on a guy's social media behavior. Nevertheless, a guy's actions online can be a clue to his level of interest. If he sends a friend request or wants to follow your profiles, it's a positive sign. If he mentions you or likes some of your posts, it shows that he's thinking about you and wants to get to know you better through your online presence.

7. He says he misses you

If a guy tells you he misses you after just one date, it could mean that he genuinely likes you, or he's feeling lonely. Try not to be too cynical and assume the best rather than thinking he's a weirdo. Although it might seem like he's coming on too strong, it could also be a sign that you made a great impression on him during your first date.

8. He asks when you're free

It's important to pay attention to a guy's wording when trying to determine if he likes you. For example, if he says something like "we should do this again" or "are you free," he may not be genuinely interested. However, if he likes you, he'll ask you to let him know when you're free. This indicates that he wants to see you again whenever you're available. In other words, he likes you so much that he's willing to work around your schedule in order to spend time with you. Most guys aren't willing to go to those lengths unless they're really interested in someone.

9. He references conversations from the date

If a guy references something that happened on the first date when talking or texting with you, it's a positive sign. It indicates that he was engaged and paying attention during the date, and that he was thinking about you and the experience afterwards.