A Guy Reveals 8 Ways Women Are Intimidating Without Even Realizing It

A Guy Reveals 8 Ways Women Are Intimidating Without Even Realizing It

We totally understand that some women are intimidating through no fault of their own. They just are. And unfortunately, many of them cannot figure out the reason why they seem to be making the guys run in the opposite direction. If this sounds familiar to you, here are some reasons you might seem intimidating.

1. Too Much Self-Confidence

You should definitely not be ashamed of having as much self-confidence as you possibly can. Actually, men like self-assured women. But still, many men will wonder whether they have what it takes to be with you if you have too much self-confidence.

2. Sexual Confidence

There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want in the bedroom, and many men actually like these kinds of women. But when this confidence goes overboard, a man will be under too much pressure to deliver, and that can get quite intimidating. This is especially so for men who have insecurities about their performance.

3. You're Too Beautiful

This can be a little confusing, because, what man does not want to marry the most beautiful girl in the world? But some women are just so out of a guy's league based on their looks that it makes them totally intimidating. Besides, to a guy, being that pretty means that a lot of guys are vying for your attention. That can also be pretty intimidating.

4. You Are Very Accomplished In Your Career

Honestly, guys should have no problem relating and dealing with women who are at the top of their professions in this day and age. But the reality is a little different. In case you are a woman who is the very best at what you do, that will make you seem somewhat unapproachable. Average people will take their time to get comfortable around you.

5. You Are Always Busy

It's amazing what some women can do. For instance, some can work, have amazing adventures and still have time for friends and family. Most men cannot keep up with such a lifestyle. At best, such men will be struggling to understand how you can even do that.

6. You Look Classy

Obviously, you could be genuinely classy, which is something you should embrace and take a lot of pride in. But for some men, demonstrating that you have a taste for finer things in life, especially as far as sustaining your lifestyle is concerned can make them rethink their desire to pursue you.

7. Being Too Smart

Don't get it twisted, intelligence is sexy in a woman. But if you have an advanced degree, and have attended high-class universities, then some men might have genuine concerns about seeming dumb around you. For those willing to give a relationship with you a chance, it might seem like the effort needed to be with you would be monumental in order to meet such intellectual standards, and that can be quite intimidating.

8. Being Too Independent

These days, independent women are all over the place. The fact is that these women have no need for a man in their lives. Therefore, if you are this kind of woman, it will take a lot more effort for a guy to convince you that he is worth a place in your life. That can make guys afraid of you.