A Guy Reveals 10 Surprising Qualities Men Adore In Women

We, as men, are sometimes criticized for only being interested in women who have certain physical features or behave a certain way. However, it's important to note that not all men are looking for women with big boobs or butts. In fact, there are other surprising things that can also turn us on.

1. Looking Slightly Older

Although some men are only attracted to young and conventionally attractive women, there are many of us who find older-looking women appealing. Research has shown that men whose mothers were over 30 when they gave birth tend to be more attracted to women who appear older, particularly when seeking a long-term partner. Therefore, there's no need to resort to cosmetic procedures to attract a man.

2. Frequent Smiling

While it's no secret that an amazing smile is attractive, it's a trait that often goes underappreciated. Men are often drawn to women who smile frequently and genuinely, as I can attest from personal experience. On the other hand, a beautiful woman with a scowl on her face is unlikely to catch my attention, but one who's cheerful and always smiling will always pique my interest.

3. Being Open-Minded

Many men prefer women who are open-minded and curious about new ideas and experiences. It can be difficult to engage in conversation with someone who is rigid and unwilling to try new things or consider alternative perspectives. I suspect that women feel similarly about men who are too set in their ways. Simply put, being with someone like that can be quite dull.

4. Tilting Your Head Slightly

This may sound oddly specific, but studies have actually shown that women appear more attractive when they tilt their heads forward and look up slightly. There's something suggestive or alluring about this posture that many men find appealing, even if we can't quite put our finger on why. However, it's important not to overthink it or force the pose, as it can come across as unnatural.

5. Not Wearing A Lot Of Makeup

It's not my intention to discourage women from wearing makeup, but it's not always a turn-on for guys. Going without makeup can communicate that you're comfortable in your own skin and easygoing. Some men are also impatient when it comes to waiting for their significant other to finish putting on makeup. Remember, sometimes less is more.

6. Having A High-Pitched Voice

It's surprising, but studies have shown that men tend to prefer women with high-pitched voices. When women are attracted to a guy, they tend to speak in a higher pitch, which may make them more attractive to the guy. It's interesting how these things work.

7. Being Opinionated

While being open-minded is important, expressing your opinion is also a desirable quality. A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind comes across as smart and interesting, making it easier to connect with her on a deeper level. Although some men may value looks over intelligence, most of us are attracted to women who are willing to express themselves.

8. Dropping F-Bombs

In today's society, women don't need to be proper and well-mannered all the time. In fact, some men find it attractive when a woman is not afraid to drop a few F-bombs during a conversation. It can help guys feel more at ease while talking to you, and even make them like you more. Of course, it's important not to go overboard, but if that's who you are, don't be afraid to let it show.

9. Making The First Move

It may not be traditional, but I believe most guys find it endearing when a woman makes the first move. It shows that you're interested in us, and that can make us like you even more. If you're interested in a guy, try introducing yourself and starting a conversation. It's worth a shot, right?