A Guy Is Going Around DMing Hot Girls On Instagram To Ask For Their BT Sport Logins

A Guy Is Going Around Dming Hot Girls On Instagram To Ask For Their Bt Sport Logins

Life is not very easy these days. You need almost 30 logins to watch everything they offer on television and the internet.

So, what happens when you can't afford or don't want to pay about £30 every month to watch your favorite football games on BT Sport?

A guy found a very unique solution to this problem. He would DM random girls on Instagram requesting them to give him their BT Sport logins.

First, he would flatter the girls a bit just to warm them up before presenting the strange proposal.

His plan failed spectacularly when a girl shared his strange DMs on Twitter. Soon, several other girls came forward saying he had done the same thing with them.

At this point, the guy was probably wishing he had paid for the subscriptions himself.

From this point on, it is clear this guy will have to stream games like everyone else. However, his drastic actions are quite understandable.

He had everything to gain by getting BT Sport logins as he would be enjoying the games without having to pay a dime. Who would say no to that?

Unfortunately, luck was not on his side. Although he did not get a single free login, he got outed for his weird behavior.

By sharing his DMs online, the girls completely mocked the man.

Luckily for him, all he wanted was the logins. He wasn't trying to do something like proposition the girls or anything, which, on some level, works in his favor.

He was fully focused on his prize: getting BT Sport logins so he can enjoy football.

To be fair, his DMs prove that he is a pretty decent guy who was very polite and cordial. He simply took a chance and it did not work out as he had hoped.

Instead, his plan blew up in his face; and it's hard to blame him for trying.