A Guy I Liked Called Me Instead Of Texting Me & I Totally Freaked Out

I had become so accustomed to texting my crushes that when I noticed the guy I have been seeing casually was making a phone call to me, I became overwhelmed with anxiety.

1. I Thought There Was Some Kind Of Emergency

In present times, whenever I receive a phone call, I tend to assume that something grave has happened. I believe that the individual is calling because the information they want to convey is too significant to be shared through text. It feels as though they urgently require my attention, and texting won't suffice. I completely presumed that he was in the emergency room or had an immediate need to reach me, like standing outside my window.

2. I Felt Like I Was Being Put On The Spot

I don't know why, but I feel that making a phone call to someone is invasive. As soon as I answered the call, I became apprehensive about being criticized for my actions. Although it may sound strange, I'm accustomed to being in command of when I communicate with people through texting, so having to interrupt my activities and converse with someone directly felt unfamiliar and disconcerting.

3. Why Would He Waste Time Talking To Me When He Can Just Text Me At His Leisure?

I was a bit perplexed as to why he would spend 30 minutes of his time conversing with me over the phone. Was he unoccupied and had nothing more significant to do? I suppose the advantage of texting is that you can respond at your convenience. You can communicate with someone while performing specific tasks, but it also implies that you're not wholly engaged in the conversation. When you have a phone conversation with someone, you're required to allocate all your attention to them, and nowadays, people tend not to do that (including me).

4. It Made Me Realize How Out Of Practice I Am With Using The Phone

As a child, I used to have phone conversations with my friends every day after school without fail. It was a ritual of sorts; we were aware that each night, we would spend a specific number of hours conversing on the phone. Nowadays, it's all about texting and communicating with people through meticulously crafted, witty messages. Having a conversation with my date over the phone made me realize how socially uninteresting I have become.

5. He Did It To Be Spontaneous And Unexpected

I understand that he was attempting to be distinctive, but to be honest, it made him appear as if he was exerting too much effort. I believe that speaking to each other over the phone should occur later, after being in a relationship for at least a few months. Making a phone call to someone is now a much more significant gesture than it was before.

6. I Was Afraid He Would Judge Me For What I Was Doing

I was taken aback by his phone call. I was in the middle of binge-watching TV, and it caught me off guard, causing me to become anxious. I thought he might judge me for being lazy or uninteresting. It may seem ridiculous, but I'm accustomed to having complete authority over when and how individuals reach out to me, so this unexpected phone call from him really disconcerted me.

7. It's Almost Too Real, So To Speak

I didn't have the option to conceal myself behind my messages. I had to be candid and present in the moment, and that was daunting, particularly since we hardly knew each other. It felt like a miniature version of a date. It was incredibly nerve-wracking!

8. I Felt Like A Teenager

It was strange. When I noticed that he was calling, I immediately became anxious, as if I needed to make a good impression on him. It reminded me of talking to boys on the phone during high school, where I would walk around my room while conversing because of how nervous I was. This experience was like a flashback to my previous, awkward teenage self, and I wasn't sure how to feel about it.

9. It Was Kinda Nice Though Because We Were Sharing A Moment

After conversing for a while, I began to think, "Why don't we communicate like this more often?" It's a more authentic way to bond with someone since you're essentially compelled to focus entirely on each other. It's actually quite endearing.

10. It Felt Good By The End Of The Conversation

Once I overcame my anxiety of conversing with my crush in real-time, I began to get the hang of using the phone once more. It made me realize how out of touch I was with this mode of communication and encouraged me to give my friends a call every now and then. Although, I might text them beforehand.