A Guy Called Me Dude – What Does It Mean?

Being addressed as "dude" by someone you have romantic feelings for can be hurtful. While the intention may be friendly, the term does not evoke much romantic possibility. Let's delve deeper into the situation to determine if you're in the friend zone or if there's still a chance for a romantic relationship.


So, your special someone referred to you as "dude"? That can be an awkward and disappointing experience. The term "dude" is not typically well-received by women and may even come across as demeaning. However, don't worry. There's still a chance that they have romantic feelings for you, based on certain considerations.

He Wants to Be Friends

To be clear, being called "dude" by a guy could indicate that they are not interested in dating you. The term is often used as a term of affection and suggests that they enjoy your company and view you as a friend. However, it's possible that they are not romantically attracted to you or not interested in dating in general. Observe how they use the term to get a better understanding of the situation.

"You possess qualities that are similar to a dude, which makes hanging out with you enjoyable."

"You're a blast to be around and have a great sense of humor. I wish more women were like you."

"Out of all my male friends, I believe you stand out as my clear favorite."

Ultimately, the decision of how to handle the situation rests with you. Do you choose to move on and socialize with other guys or do you embrace his friendship and appreciate him on a deeper level? Our recommendation is to value the friendship and make the most of it, even if the lack of romantic interest may be disappointing. Having a good male friend can bring many benefits.

He Isn't Good at Expressing Emotion

Let's be direct: expressing emotions can be a challenge for many guys. Both they and we are aware of this, which can be frustrating. Some guys may actually have strong feelings for you but feel uncertain about expressing them outside a friendly context, hence referring to you as "dude." To gauge his perspective, consider the following questions:

Does he use the term "dude" in a manner similar to how other guys might use "cute" or "sexy"?

Do you observe that he engages in flirting behavior with you, such as light physical touches?

Does he show difficulty in expressing emotions in other situations?

When a guy finds it challenging to express emotions, it falls on the girl to understand the situation. It may not be an ideal scenario, but it is what it is. Try using humor and candor to encourage him to open up, share your feelings towards him, and express any emotions that come naturally to you. By doing so, you can avoid misunderstandings and have a meaningful experience that feels authentic to you.

He Has a Limited Vocabulary

For some guys, "dude" is a general term that they use with everyone. This means that your guy may not have an extensive or expressive vocabulary. This doesn't imply that he's not intelligent, as many intelligent people struggle with verbal communication. However, he might be attempting to convey his affection for you but may be unsure of how to articulate it. Here are some indications that this may be the case:

"Being with you, dude, brings so much joy to me."

"I can't picture any other person, uh, being as intelligent as you, dude."

"Dude, I really want to see you soon. I miss hanging out with you."

Consider taking a calculated risk to advance the relationship. A gentle touch on the shoulder could bring him closer to you and make him more comfortable. Alternatively, you could make a bold move and express your feelings through a kiss or by telling him directly that you like him. You may be surprised by how effortlessly he opens up and expresses himself when he feels confident about your feelings for him.


Avoid being confrontational with your guy if he calls you "dude." While it may not be the term you want to hear, it's best to calmly ask him about its meaning and have an open conversation about his feelings. This approach will allow him to express himself freely and could help clarify the situation.


If your guy uses informal terms like "dude" or "bro" in texts with you, don't be alarmed. This kind of language may simply reflect the more casual tone of texting for him. To understand his true feelings, focus on his in-person behavior and interactions with you. This will give you a clearer picture of his emotions and intentions towards you.


If you're in a romantic relationship and your partner continues to call you "dude," can it be changed? That depends. For some, using the term "dude" is an ingrained habit and they may find it difficult to stop. The "dude" habit can be persistent, so you'll need to be patient and understanding to help your partner develop a more appropriate romantic vocabulary for the two of you.

Make a Stand

While it might not be necessary to directly address the issue if your guy calls you "dude", it's crucial to understand your relationship with him. It may require an uncomfortable or awkward conversation, but it's important to know where you stand. If he's a good guy, he should be willing to have an honest and open discussion with you.