A Guy Called Me Boo – What Does It Mean?

"Boo" is a term of endearment that is not as widely understood as others such as "baby" or "babe." It is a relatively new term and its meaning may be unclear when used by a partner. It can have a few different meanings depending on the context. Some common uses include: expressing affection or love, referring to a significant other or a close friend, and showing endearment or appreciation. It's important to communicate with your partner to understand the meaning behind the term when used in your relationship.


"Boo" is a term of endearment that can have different meanings depending on context and usage. It may be used to express affection, refer to a significant other or close friend, or show endearment. It's important to communicate with your partner to understand the meaning behind the term and how to proceed in the relationship.

He Considers You His Girlfriend

The term "boo" is often used as a playful nickname for a romantic partner and may indicate that the person sees you as their girlfriend. If you are ready for that level of commitment, it's important to let them know and move forward in the relationship. If you don't feel the same way, it's important to communicate that to them.

To understand the meaning behind someone calling you "boo," pay attention to the context of their usage. Look for clues such as if they refer to you as "my little boo" or consistently text "morning, boo" every day. This may indicate that they see you as being in a relationship. It's important to communicate with them to ensure you are on the same page. Alternatively, you can also try calling them "boo" back and see how they respond.

He Isn't Sure How You Feel

In some cases, "boo" may be used by a guy who is unsure of how you feel about him. This could be due to a lack of confidence or uncertainty despite your previous conversations. "Boo" is a less serious term of endearment than others like "baby" and can be used casually. He may use it as a way to gauge your feelings without putting too much pressure on the situation. When a guy calls you "boo," it may indicate that he wants to:

Inform you that he perceives you as more than just a friend.

Use a term that is affectionate but less suggestive or potentially suggestive.

Give you a subtle indication if he believes you are not following his direction.

Consider your feelings for him, and communicate them if he starts calling you "boo". This may prevent him from becoming frustrated and moving on. Also, guys usually prefer honesty, so if he's calling you "boo" and you haven't kissed yet, it's possible he wants you to express your feelings.

He Wants You To Take the Next Step

Some guys use "boo" to signal they want to move forward. They may be shy or lack confidence. This can be frustrating for some girls and they may ignore him if he doesn't express himself more. However, he may still have a lot to offer despite his passiveness.

If he calls you "boo" but doesn't initiate physical contact, he may need you to initiate. Try offering him a hug or kiss at the end of the date. This could help him open up if he likes you. Don't be afraid to take the lead if he's struggling to make moves.


Some guys may call their female friends "boo" as a friendly term. Look at how he uses the term, is it to bring you closer, or is it a casual term he uses with all his friends? Guys who only use "boo" in dating situations probably reserve it for special use.


Some women may find the term "boo" unimportant or silly. However, not all men share this view, some see it as a playful and casual way to express affection. Don't assume he is not serious just because he uses it. Consider his personality and behavior to understand his intentions. For some men, using "boo" is a way to flirt without it being too sexual.


Not all women enjoy being called "boo". For some, it may feel unimportant or too casual. If this is the case, it's important to communicate your feelings to him in an open and non-judgmental way. Avoid criticizing him or making him feel bad for using the term. Instead, simply let him know that it doesn't feel right for you. Eventually, he will find a nickname that is more suitable for both of you and makes you both feel comfortable.

Keep Yourself Open

When your partner calls you "boo," it's important to be open to the message they may be conveying. This term can communicate different meanings such as liking you or considering you a friend. Use this information to ensure you're on the same page while dating.