A Guide To Loving A Woman Who Seems Like She Doesn't Need Anyone

A Guide To Loving A Woman Who Seems Like She Doesn’t Need Anyone

What can you give to a woman who has everything? How do you love a strong, independent woman, happily single, and is clearly not looking for a man to come and fill some important traditional masculine role in her life?

This Woman Is Killing It. In Whatever She Does, She Excels

She is comfortable in her own skin and she doesn't appear to have time for relationships.

But understand one thing, even though she has everything figured out, she still needs you in her life.

She might not find it easy to ask for what she needs from you. It's nothing personal. It's who she is.

You have to be a bit keener and sniff out her needs because she might never voice them.

But if you can recognize them and respond to them, she will be very happy and grateful. That will mean you are exactly the man she wants in her life.

The reason she has a problem saying what she needs might be because she has never been able to ask for such things.

She Has No Experience Saying What She Wants

Throughout, her greatest focus has been her career and her personal growth. To do that successfully, she had to embrace that she had to set herself apart and grow her independence.

She could not have time for what people think of her or spend so much time trying to nurse relationships that might not push her life forward.

Also, understand that she doesn't care about having someone who only sees her successful career and titles.

She Wants A Man Who Sees Past The Glamour Of Success

Everybody can see how successful she is and how strong she is. So, paying attention to that does not make you special in any way.

She might be in control of everything in her life, but she is still a woman with needs the right man can meet.

She can shed tears, and she can feel hurt. It's just that she is smart enough to know that being single is not a crime.

Although she is strong, she knows that she is not infallible and sometimes suffers from weak moments. But she knows her worth, which is why she seems like she doesn't need anyone.

However, you have to be confident and assured. She will not stoop down to massage your ego if her success and independence threaten your masculinity.

Don't compare yourself to her and get jealous. You are not there to prove that you are more successful than she is.

Your Job Is To Love Her And Give Her Something She Doesn't Have

She already has success in her life. What she longs for the most is acceptance.

And it's not just accepting that she is an independent and successful woman, but accepting yourself and the unique role you have in her life.

You have to measure up.

She Will Not Stand For Mediocrity, And She Is Used To Making Hard Decisions

You have to be strong enough for her and love her in a way that a strong man loves, without apologies or demanding assurances.

You have to be truly special to love this woman. That means being mature and assured in whatever you do.

A strong and independent woman needs a man who looks beyond traditional success measures in a relationship.

You have to stop seeing yourself as a man who has to be the provider and breadwinner. You have to accept the more delicate role of being her source of support, her lover, and the man who makes her life even more successful than it already is.