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A Giant Japanese Pizza Sandwich Features 18 Types Of Meat

Yes, you heard that right. This pizza sandwich has 18 kinds of meat. That's mind-boggling.

This is obviously a meat-lover's idea of heaven.

Most people know Japan for its healthy natural cuisine.

Rightly called 'Nikku Mountain,' which translates into 'Meat Mountain,' the sandwich comprises two pizzas.

One Joey special pizza is stacked on top of another.

The culinary wonder is meaty, cheesy, and delicious. Just the thing meat lovers would relish digging their teeth into.


It weighs in at over 2 kgs, making it the perfect treat when you are completely famished.

In Japan, you can find it at Aoki's, a popular local pizza chain.

And the thing about 18 types of meat being present in this treat is no joke.

Among them is sliced baron, mini wiener, roast ham, beef steak, pork sausage, bacon bits, Italian sausage, hamburger, and so forth. That's just for the first layer.


So yes, this pizza is as serious as it gets.

The second layer has chicken, beef ribs, taco meat, and special ground meat, among other ingredients.

Honestly, the thought of me taking a bite of this pizza gives me shivers. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure.

The medium size goes for $27.02. But if that size is too tame for your appetite, you can go all out and get the large-sized version for $42.78.


Some Facebook users can hardly contain themselves.

"You had me at meat mountain." One commenter said.

Another boldly admitted: "I've never needed something so bad and not know it." I think she speaks for most of us.

Generally, it seems that when asked what kind of meat to have in your pizza, a good number of people would say, "all of them," and this sandwich gets pretty close.


So, it's yes to meat mountain for many.

But there are some dissenting voices, as well.

"The more you add, the less pizza it becomes," said one commenter regarding the overabundance of meat in this dish.

Some threw in a few unwelcome suggestions on how to make the pizza better. But why would anyone ruin it all with pineapple?

I have indulged in pizzas with over a dozen toppings before. So, I can tell you with confidence that this pizza is as delightful as it sounds.


But there is only one way to settle this debate, enjoy the Meat Mountain and let it speak for itself.

If you want to experience this first-hand, you better book your flight right away because the clock is running out on this special offer.

Don't worry, you can use the Rugby World Cup already going down in Japan as an excuse to get on a plane and check-in at Aoki's for a chance to enjoy the Meat Mountain.