A Freaky Sex Guide For Beginners: 20 Ways To Kick Up The Romance

A Freaky Sex Guide For Beginners: 20 Ways To Kick Up The Romance

In most of us is a person who would like things to get a bit kinkier in the bedroom; so yes, you are not crazy for thinking freaky sex might be worth a shot. Actually, this kind of sex might be all you need to heat the romance in your relationship.

Give me a chance to tell you a thing or two about making your love life more interesting.

Many people are afraid to broach the subject and those who do usually want to keep the whole thing hidden from the world. The truth is that freaky sex is quite normal, and it's not a subject that should only be spoken about in hushed tones.

In each of us, our primal instincts and desires are a little less conventional by society standards. Being a freak in the bedroom might be the best thing for you and your partner because it represents freedom on a very intimate level.

It's a well-known secret that men want a proper lady, but especially if she is a freak between the sheets. Women want the same thing too.

Since freaky sex is all we want, why aren't we having more of it or any of it at all?

It's time we stopped lying to ourselves and embrace our real selves to enjoy healthier and honest relationships. So, here are some ways to get started on this freaky and fun-filled journey towards ultimate sexual satisfaction.

1. Communicate Your Fantasies

For your freaky fantasies to be welcome when you finally put them into action, communicate your desires with your partner beforehand.

By talking things through, you will know what your partner would like and what they wouldn't. Guesswork might make everything too weird too fast, and you might end up having to call the whole thing off.

The communication stage is also when you also come up with safe words for when things get a little too intense.

Proper communication ensures that mistakes are handled properly and that everyone is safe during this rare adventure.

A good place to start is by telling your partner your wildest fantasies and things you have always desired in your sex life. From there, you can come to an agreement as to which of these fantasies you want to bring to life.

2. Look Up Ways To Be Freaky

Fortunately, you are not the first person to think kinky sex is worth a try. There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel thinking of all the ways you can have freaky sex with your partner.

If you already have some wild fantasies you can try, then that's good. Otherwise, you are also welcome to explore this world with a little guidance from those who have been there before.

Some of your options include roleplaying, making a sex tape, talking dirty, having group sex, oral sex, using blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips, trying crazy sex positions, having sex in unconventional venues, pulling hair, biting, or even using delicious treats in your kinky sex games.

3. Indulge Their Fetishes

We all have fetishes, and you have probably discovered a few about your partner during your times together. For instance, some people are into foot fetishes.

Going after your partner's fetishes is an easy way to open the door to freaky sex because we all love having our fetishes fulfilled.

4. Have Confidence

You can't be shy and freaky. Being shy during freaky sex makes it weird, and no one wants that.

You have to be confident that even though you are doing things you have never tried before, you will enjoy yourself and be better off for it.

5. Build Sexual Tension Before Trying Out The Fantasies

For you to take things all the way to freaky, there needs to be a lot of sexual tension already. That is what it takes to get the boldness to break inhibitions and try something a little crazier.

6. Don't Judge Each Other's Sexual Fantasies

In fact, you should not only refrain from judging your partner for revealing some freaky things they have always wanted to try, but you should also compliment them for their boldness.

If anyone knows they will be judged for what they say, they will be less likely to reveal what they desire to attain from the experience.

That can obviously kill the mood and make you frustrated with each other based on the knowledge that you will never explore your kinky fantasies.

7. Follow Your Instincts

This works if you are confident and attentive. You can try whatever kinky thing that comes to mind in the heat of the moment.

Obviously, be considerate of your partner's previously expressed desires and limits. Also, you have to consider if they respond positively to it before deciding to keep at it.

At the end of the day, we all have different fantasies, and you might realize that your fantasies are truly appreciated by your partner.

8. Learn To Want Sex With Your Partner

Some ladies say they only try some stuff because their guys are into it. That is not the right attitude if you ever want to explore kinky sex.

You have to learn to enjoy the pleasuring your partner gives you rather than putting up with it because they enjoy it.

How can you hope to explore new fantasies when you are not even comfortable with the regular stuff you are doing?

Learn to really enjoy yourself when with your partner and the attempt to make things freaky will not seem so drastic.

9. Show Some Enthusiasm

You might not come to the decision to try freaky sex together, and that's okay. Maybe your partner came up with the idea, or you did.

That does not mean you become the skeptic because you didn't bring up the idea. Even if you are against it, be considerate of the courage your partner had in bringing up such an issue.

Otherwise, if you support the idea, do it wholeheartedly. Your enthusiasm and desire to try out a new way of doing things is also your responsibility.

As you introduce your partner to the idea, make them understand that they have an important role to play if this is to work out for both of you. That means you have to ensure that you are both enthusiastic about it before you get started.

Without this, one partner might feel they are getting dragged into it. From there, any mishaps that happen are likely to be met with criticism and blame, which might sully the romance you already share.

10. Start With The Small, Less Demanding Fantasies

If you are just dipping your toe into the freaky waters, then it's best not to start with hardcore moves. That can backfire terribly.

You can try one freaky thing at a time and also take it slow when you do. Just because you have given freaky sex a go does not mean you should expect each other to become pornstars instantly.

In any case, some freaky moves take practice to perfect, and being gentle ensures you actually reach your desired climax.

11. Decide To Break Routine And Try Out Your Fantasies

It's called freaky because it's not routine.

If you just do things as you regularly do with just a few minor modifications, you might not get the satisfaction you were hoping the freaky stuff would bring you.

You have to break the routine. For instance, if you always did it in the bedroom, you can try doing it at the beach.

If you always tried certain positions, you have to be willing to explore different and kinkier positions.

12. Play A Sex Game

There are lots of games you can play that can bring out the freaky side of you in a relationship. The good thing about these games is that they take the pressure off you.

You or your partner don't have to decide the kinky stuff to try. The game does.

As long as you agree to try whatever the game directs you to do, you can enjoy your kinky romance a lot more.

13. Pay Attention To Body Language

If you are keen enough, which you should be as you try new stuff in the bedroom, you will notice that your partner is enjoying a certain kind of treatment and not another.

Be on the lookout to see how your partner responds to the unique brand of sex you are providing to them.

If you sense some tension, you can change whatever you think is not working for them. Better yet, you can ask them what's making them uncomfortable and adjust accordingly.

14. Be Ready To Indulge Your Partner's Fantasies

To make this kind of sexual experience work, be willing to make compromises and get out of your comfort zone.

For instance, if your partner thinks sex in public is what would make their fantasies come true, overcome your fear of such experiences, and be more willing to play along.

Chances are that they also have to step out of their comfort zone to accommodate your desires, and that's to be expected since we are all different and have varied desires.

15. It's Okay If You Don't Feel Up To It

If after giving your seemingly ideal freaky sex fantasies a try you decide that it's not worth it, then that's perfectly okay. Maybe you already had it as good as you could ever want it after all.

That also means you shouldn't force your partner to do stuff they are uncomfortable trying. If they don't want a threesome, then accept that.

Once you let go of the inhibitions that hold back your desire to express your freaky sexual desires, your relationship will never be the same.

Not only will things be a little naughtier, but you and your partner will have known each other and explored your relationship in ways most people can only fantasize about.