A Candid Look Into The Mind Of A Narcissist

A Candid Look Into The Mind Of A Narcissist

Narcissists are all over the place. They are our family members, friends, workmates, leaders, and regular folk going about life like everyone else.

One factor ties them all together-selfishness.

But that's just what we see.

The question that burdens us today is this: what goes on inside these people's heads? Why are they like that?

If you were to peel back the layers of charm, facades, pretenses, and other obvious qualities they like to flaunt, what would you find?

Broadly speaking, narcissists are damaged people. They are even dangerous, until now.

Inside the mind of a narcissist, here's what you will find.

1. It Does Not Bother Them When They Insult And Deceive You

You know how you feel bad when you are rude or mean to someone? A narcissist has no idea what that's like.

In fact, they consider it an accomplishment when they can insult and lie to you. Deep down, a narcissist sees things in a distorted manner.

If they insult you, it means you deserved it and that you definitely did something worse to them. They see themselves as victims in all the ills they pour upon your innocent self.

They are so messed up they believe you deserve all the bad things they do to you, which is why doing these horrible things does not cost them any sleep or make them feel any shred of guilt.

2. A Well-Developed Ability To Win People's Trust Through Manipulation And Cunningness

A narcissist can put on a hell of a show for you. They know how to look charming and attractive so you effortlessly trust them and fall for their charm.

They know all the romantic moves necessary to sweep you off your feet. A narcissist knows how to give the perfect gift because they know you will pay for it many times over once they have you eating out of the palm of their hands.

3. Their Confidence Hides Their Insecurity

Real confidence comes from a point of happiness and satisfaction. But a narcissist has nothing to be happy about, and as for satisfaction, it comes from messed up things like deceiving people. What does that tell you about their confidence?

That it's based on insecurity.

They only feel better when they are satisfied that they have made another person feel worse. There is nothing within them to give them any sense of confidence, which is pretty sad when you think about it.

4. Challenging Them Never Works, Because Truth Counts For Nothing To A Narcissist

You might think it's time to call out a narcissist on their behaviour now that you have all the facts.

Bad idea.

Narcissists don't know what truth is. Their minds live in another world where they are always right, despite how wrong they are.

Feel sorry for them if you want, but you will waste your time by trying to change a narcissist.

A narcissist is a destructive force of nature, and the best you can do is get out of its way.

It's important to know a narcissist when you cross paths with one, but it's even more important that you learn to keep your distance because they show no mercy. You are just a pawn, even though you might consider yourself a child, lover, friend, colleague, or a devoted fan of theirs.