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A 'Burnt Toast' Scale Has Been Created, And It's Causing Outrage On Twitter

a ‘burnt toast’ scale has been created and it’s causing outrage on twitter

We all like our toast a certain way. So, what some people consider a burnt toast is the perfect toast to others.

As they say, there is no accounting for taste.

However, for the sake of your peace of mind online, you should keep your toast preferences to yourself if you lie at either end of the spectrum. Be warned: the internet does not like a super weak or a super-strong toast.

We know that some people pop their toast after a few seconds, basically ending up with a warm piece of bread. Others don't think their toast is ready until the smoke alarms go off and everyone in the house is choking from the fumes.

You are safer if you are somewhere in between.

A Twitter user didn't realize how big of a deal this was until she posted a guide on how to prepare your toast. People immediately took note and started sharing their opinions on the matter.

The comments came from all quarters, with some directing insults to those they didn't agree with.

Are Your Toast Preferences "Acceptable"

Granted, many people will bite into whatever toast you give them, regardless of where it falls on this scale. The truth is that many of us are ravenous eaters who love bread and can therefore consume it in practically any state.

To be honest, toast 5 or 6 is ideal for me, but number 4 or 7 would still get the job done.

a 'burnt toast' scale has been created and it's causing outrage on twitter

Like me, many Twitter users posted their toast readiness preferences based on the scale. Most people fell between a three and a six.

One woman, however, made the unforeseeable mistake of saying she preferred a nine. Everyone was horrified, with someone commenting:

"I've alerted the authorities."

Then another Twitter user stated her preference and invited anyone willing to give her a hard time about it to give it their best shot:

"Six and I will go to war about this."

Others had blanket condemnations against those who fell outside the acceptable limits.

The Scale Could Help Match Romantic Partners

Then someone came up with a brilliant idea, he suggested that the scale be used on dating sites:

To help people make better sense of the scale, someone came up with justifications behind each type of toast. According to this commenter, 1 is for when you are in a hurry, 2 for when in a rush, 3 for when you don't mind, 4 for when you do mind, 5 if you are serious about your toast, 6 if you like it cracky, 7 if you are lazy, 8 if you don't care, and 9 if you might as well stop having breakfast.

Once again, this proves that being on the extremes on this scale does not cast you in the best light.

There were some mean comments as well:

Most people preferred a toast between 5 and 7. Somebody went to the trouble of being a little more specific about the scale by explaining that five is for a toast "with butter alone" while six should be with "conserves."

Obviously, everyone seems to have a different opinion about each of the digits.

However, you are on your own if you prefer numbers 1, 2, 8, or 9. If these are your options, then you might as well be the antichrist.