A Blunt And Outspoken Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

A Blunt And Outspoken Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

We've all heard the popular expression, "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." It's a fair phrase, you deserve to be loved no matter what is going on, and it's a phrase often used by friends who are outspoken, proud of who they are, and unashamed to stand up for what they believe in. As a person who is constantly insecure and shy, I hope to explain exactly how these friends, the ones who fight unabashedly for themselves and others, are the absolute best friends you could have.

They fight for you

The first obvious pro about having this kind of friend is their constant compulsion to protect you. Some could find this overwhelming, but when you're too kind to speak up for yourself, you know you can rely on your friend always to have your back. They won't allow others to put you down or speak negatively about you. Also, in the case of a break-up, you can expect that any and every kind of revenge plan is a go with them. Your ex will be quaking, and it will give you the biggest smile.

They want the best for you

These kinds of friends can also be known to be super blunt. Sometimes this can be hard to hear as a more sensitive type of person, but they truly want the best for you. They may be straightforward about what you wear, who you're dating, or even the choices you're making, but it's because they want you to be healthy and happy. Even though they will go to war for you, it's not exactly what they want to do if they can avoid it. Because they know if they need to go to fight for you, that means you've been hurt.

Your wedding will be what you want

This may not be something a lot of people think about, but when your special day comes having a strong, independent woman as your friend means your dreams for your big day are more likely to happen. From personal experience, there are always those people who try to sway your wedding, which is about your relationship, to be about something else, sometimes about what they want. This can be especially difficult if it's a family member or a soon-to-be in-law. During times like these, your friend, who is naturally outspoken and unafraid of hurting people's feelings for the greater good, will be your voice-box. They will take on any kind of unpleasant feelings in order to give you the best day you've always dreamt of.

You never question where they stand

As previously mentioned, these kinds of friends are entirely blunt and unafraid of speaking their minds. This can really help to put your mind at ease. When life gets crazy and busy, it's easy to drift away from friends, to have fights, and to simply grow apart. This can leave you wondering if you're even friends anymore, if they're mad at you, or if there's something wrong between you two that you hadn't even noticed. A blunt friend won't let your mind spin and wonder because they'll tell you exactly how they feel.

They don't like the uneasiness of tension in their relationships because they don't see the point in sitting around and wondering what's going on. It may be uncomfortable when they ask you why you're this way or tell you you're ridiculous for thinking something is wrong. But when you're prone to overthinking, knowing what the problem is and how to fix it can be relieving.

They will hold you to it

Have you ever made a goal or New Year's resolution, and then had it completely fall apart before you could even start? Get yourself a loud, proud, outspoken gal because she is the absolute perfect accountability partner. Sometimes friends won't want to push your buttons, so they may allow you to fall off the rails, but a true friend will hold you to what you've chosen for yourself because they truly believe you can do it. It may be difficult, and it could put a strain on your relationship, but when you're struggling to fight for your own wellbeing, however that may look, they will choose to fight for you.

You deserve a friend for better or worse

So, hopefully, by now, you understand how wonderful it truly is to find that loud, outspoken woman and make her your trusted and closest friend. They tell the world that they deserve to be loved no matter what mood they're in. Even if you're too shy to say it yourself, you do as well, and these are the kind of people who will remind you of that. They make sure you're taken care of. And they will always, and I mean always, fight for you because nothing means more to them than those they love. You deserve that kind of love.