A Bloomberg News Reporter Quits Job, Leaves Husband And Freezes Eggs For Martin Shkreli, Only To Get Ghosted

a bloomberg news reporter quits job, leaves husband and freezes eggs for martin shkreli, only to get ghosted

Romances can bloom just about anywhere - in a parking lot, on the internet, and even during interviews with a convicted criminal.

Martin Shkreli, also known as Pharma Bro, and a journalist who was writing a book about him have given the world a strange love story.

He was imprisoned after getting arrested for fraud and somehow managed to convince a journalist to leave her husband for him.

On top of that, she quit her job and froze her eggs as well. All that just to be with him, but the happy ending she hoped for never came to be.

The journo, Chrystie Smyth, was unfortunately ghosted by Martin when she shared with him that their romance would be the subject of an Elle magazine profile.

A Story Worthy Of A Novel

Many of the people who read the profile, which is rather lengthy, feel it is something they would not mind as a book.

It reads a lot like the popular book '50 Shades Of Grey', but without all the kinks and bondage.

Chrystie and Martin never actually took their relationship to the next level - he is behind bars, after all.

For many, the story is intriguing because it looks like Martin was manipulating Chrystie. It is speculated that his motive was a lower jail sentence.

Chrystie is very devoted to Martin and might not realize just how he played her.

Apparently, the profile was written so she can get back power in the now-over relationship.

It may have cost her the relationship, though, because she last saw Martin in person in February. After that, she spoke to him on the phone, but now he is no longer replying to her emails.

He will be released in 2023 and Chrystie says she will be waiting for him.

Hope For Freedom

Outsiders looking at his relationship with the journalist accuse Martin of thinking only of himself.

The accusation is backed by Chrystie's plea to get him out of jail. She wrote to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto as part of a motion for compassionate release.

Along with his lawyers, she argued that Martin will be able to work on a cure for the Coronavirus.

The aim was for Martin to be allowed to serve out the rest of his sentence at his Manhattan home.

Seven Years For Fraud

Although Martin has gained a lot of infamy for his fraud, not everyone is aware of what Pharma Bro did.

He became a villain in the public eye when he raised the price of a life-saving drug by 5 000%.

This happened during the time that he was Chief Executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Upon his arrest on 17 December, Martin was also charged with conspiracy and securities fraud.

He was given a seven-year sentence.

Here are a few excerpts from the Elle profile: