A Blonde Tries To Trick The System But Fools Herself

A Blonde Tries To Trick The System But Fools Herself

There are lots of kinds of jokes, and chances are, you have a favorite. When someone starts telling one of these jokes, you can pretty much guess right away that you'll end up laughing.

One well-liked kind of joke is the blonde joke. These jokes range from mildly amusing to downright hilarious. This particular one falls somewhere in between, but it's definitely worth sharing.

When faced with a car problem, the blond woman turned to a friend for advice. Her friend, ever inquisitive, asked about her car's mileage. "It's at 235,000 miles," she admitted.

Her friend didn't hesitate to suggest that this high mileage might be the root of her problems. But then, a clever idea emerged – her brother, a skilled mechanic, could easily reset the mileage to a more attractive figure.

Taking this ingenious advice to heart, she paid a visit to the mechanic and requested a mileage adjustment, aiming for a mere 25,000 miles.

Two days later, her friend inquired whether she had successfully sold the car after her brother's mileage magic.

With a sly grin, she replied, "Why would I sell it when it's now showing a mere 25,000 miles on the clock?"

And here's another amusing joke…

Within the confines of an airport lounge, a man found himself in solitary repose. Suddenly, an enchanting young woman entered and gracefully seated herself at a nearby table. Observing her attire, the man assumed she was an off-duty Flight Attendant.

Determined to leave an impression, he ventured into a conversation, confidently identifying the airline she worked for. Leaning closer, he inquired, "Is the British Airways motto, 'To fly, to serve'?"

The young woman regarded him with a puzzled expression.

Unperturbed, he made another attempt, leaning in once more and offering, "How about the Air France motto, 'Winning the hearts of the world'?"

Again, she responded with a bemused look.

Undeterred by her reactions, he tried a different tack, mentioning the Malaysian Airlines motto, "Going beyond expectations."

This time, the woman's expression grew stern as she retorted, "What on earth do you want?"

Proudly, he declared, "Ah-ha!… United Airlines."