A Beginner's Guide To Creating Your Perfect Horse Riding Kit

A Beginner's Guide To Creating Your Perfect Horse Riding Kit

Taking on the world of horse riding can be challenging but hugely rewarding. Whether you're looking to own your first horse or you're an avid rider, then you may be wondering what essentials you will need to create your perfect horse riding kit.

Here is a beginner's guide on how to build your horse riding kit.


The easiest way to start off your kit is by making sure you have suitable apparel. Your first essential piece should be a well-fitting riding hat. These hats are designed to minimize the risk of any potential head injuries that may occur in the instance of falling off your horse.

The next item you will want to get yourself is a pair of sturdy boots. You will want to ensure that your boots have a heel in order to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrups. Opting for a leather, PVC, or rubber boot will also help protect your foot if you are stepped on by a horse. Check out this handy guide on how to choose the correct footwear for riding.

You will also want to ensure that you have yourself a pair of gloves to protect your hands and riding pants to prevent saddle sores. Try to pick a material for your riding pants that is comfortable for you and your horse. As you are a beginner, it is recommended that you also invest in a safety vest. However, these may be supplied by your stables. The vest can help prevent injury and help put you at ease.

Horse Tack

You may be familiar with the term horse tack. This is a collective term for everything you use to ride a pony or horse. You'll need a saddle and a saddle blanket/pad. If you're preparing to own your first horse, then it is advised that you wait until you know what horse you are getting before you spend money on a saddle. Having a saddle that is a custom fit can be more comfortable for your horse and make them a lot happier as a result.

The following items will also be needed for your horse tack: Girth or cinch, Martingale, Stirrups, Reins, and a Bridle. A girth, sometimes known as a cinch, will help to keep the saddle in place on the horse. A martingale is a strap or set of straps that control your horse's head carriage. It is used to prevent your horse from raising its head too high.

A bridle is a piece of headgear for your horse that allows you to control them. The reins are a long strap that is attached to the bridle, which helps to guide your horse. If you're struggling to know where to look for these products, then Equi Supermarket is an equestrian shop that has a huge variety of products for both you and your horse tack.

Feeding Equipment

There are four main pieces of equipment that you will need for feeding your horse. You will need to make sure you have a feed pan, feed container, water trough or large buckets, and a water heater or heated buckets if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures.

It can be sensible to get a feed container that is either metal or plastic, so it is strong enough to hold your feed. You will also need to ensure that it also has a secure lid to prevent the risk of any rodents getting to it. If you need advice on how to feed your horse then there are plenty of forums and blogs online to help you on your way. It may be a sensible idea to conduct some research of your own and ask your instructors or trainers for their advice too!