A Beautiful Tribute To A Great Dad

A Beautiful Tribute To A Great Dad

I wish you knew how much I miss you.

I know we both look super goofy in this picture, but it's been ten years since I got to see your goofy face.

I miss you all the time.

A Beautiful Tribute To A Great Dad

You kept my school picture in your toolbox and told everyone, "that's my kid!"

I wish you were here to meet my kids.

They know their grandpa is in the most beautiful place now and loves them dearly.

Thank you for being my hero, my rock, and my foundation for the time you walked this earth.

Thank you for loving that brat who showed up at your house when you never wanted kids.

Thank you for brushing my hair every morning, telling me bedtime stories, and telling me no boy would ever be worthy of me like a real dad does!

Thank you for dropping me off at my dances on the back of your bike.

Thank you for being there for the little girl who became a strong woman, mother, and wife because you told her someday she would be.

I will always love you,

Your daughter Kamariah.