A 9-Year-Old Who Was Told Not To Doodle In Class And Got To Decorate A Restaurant

A 9-year-old Who Was Told Not To Doodle In Class And Got To Decorate A Restaurant

They say he couldn't so he went and did it on a much bigger scale. This inspirational story of overcoming obstacles and expressing your talent beyond the boundaries came to us from Shrewsbury, UK. Joe Whale, 9 years of age, was repeatedly getting in trouble for letting his artistic side out during classes, so what happened next might melt your heart.

Getting the support he needed

According to Joe's dad, Greg, the youngster is overall very talented in a number of activities. He gets good grades at school and enjoys playing football. His passion, however, definitely belongs to drawing. The main issue for the little artist was the lack of creative outlets during school hours. This led to him to doodling during classes on his whiteboard school desks. Obviously, most teachers were not exactly psyched about the boy's desire to doodle away instead of paying attention to the studies. All but his art teacher, who saw the real talent in Joe and posted his work on Instagram, where it quickly became tremendously popular.

The boy's total sweetheart parents took it further and signed Joe up for an after-school art class. There is no doubt that letting him express his passion for art at such a young age will bring Joe's talent and character to a whole new level. Joe draws in a very distinctive style, mostly with a thick black marker pen, creating his doodle characters as he goes along. He says that the thing he enjoys drawing the most is food, because it is kind of funny to see otherwise regular and very much inanimate objects come to life in his art. Maybe he had some sort of feeling that the food drawings were going to bring him to what happened next.

Joe gets to decorate the walls of a local restaurant

Number Four, a local bar and eatery, was one of the many who got pleasantly shocked by the boy's talent and gave him an opportunity to express himself on the walls of their dining area. Greg confesses that they were over the moon getting that level of appreciation for his son's work from a completely independent business. "Joe loves doodling and we are so proud of everything he is achieving," says Greg. Every day after school Joe was taken to the restaurant to spend a couple of hours doodling away directly on the wall. The entire art piece features hundreds of unique characters including funny monsters, cartoonish animals, and, of course, food items.

While observing Joe's working process, his art teacher notes that it is very easy to see his authentic talent. According to the educator, what makes the boy's work stand out the most is the fact that he is able to deliver a well-balanced and complete painting without drafting and sketching. Going straight to ink is a pretty daring thing in the art world, and only an extremely confident and talented artist can afford to do that. Perhaps, we will get to hear more about Joe's gift development and about him making an entire career in art. We are most definitely looking forward to it!