96% Of People Won't Date Someone Who Doesn't Like Dogs - And That's Not All

According to a recent study by pet wellness brand Ollie, many people have a strong preference for their dogs over their romantic partners. The research found that people often have a deeper connection with their furry friends, and even prioritize their needs over their significant other's. The study also revealed that people find comfort in their pets during times of stress and they consider them to be a source of unconditional love and support. Overall, the findings suggest that dogs have a special place in our hearts and are considered to be more than just pets, but rather a part of our family.


1. Dating Someone Who Doesn't Like Pets Is A No-No

The study conducted by pet wellness brand Ollie found that a vast majority of respondents, 96%, stated that they would not consider dating someone who was not a dog lover. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 85% of participants stated that even if they liked their date, if their dog did not approve, they would not continue the relationship. This highlights the strong bond that many people have with their furry companions and the importance they place on their dogs' approval in their relationships.


2. Dogs Are Pretty Good Matchmakers

The survey also found that many people prioritize their dog's happiness over their own, with 41% of respondents saying they would end a relationship if their dog didn't like their partner. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents said they would choose their dog over their partner if they had to make a difficult decision. It seems that for many people, their love for their dog is just as strong, if not stronger, than their romantic relationships.


3. Pets Pump Up Your Dating Profile Too

The study revealed that many people find it attractive when someone includes their pet in their dating app profile pictures, with 61% saying it's a turn-on. However, this preference seems to be limited to dogs, as a third of the respondents said that featuring a cat in the profile decreased the person's attractiveness.


4. The Love We Have For Our Dogs Has No Bounds

A new study found that 42% of people in relationships admitted to loving their dog more than their partner. Additionally, 75% reported that their dog was more affectionate than their significant other.

5. We Don't Mind Having Sex With Our Dogs In The Room

According to the survey, a majority of people don't mind having their dogs in the room during intimate moments, with 55% stating they don't care if their dog is present. Additionally, 49% even allow their dogs to sleep on the bed during sexual activities. However, it's important to note that while people may love their pets, boundaries should be set to ensure a healthy relationship with both a partner and pet.


6. At The End Of The Day, It All Comes Down To Loyalty

This is why a survey conducted by pet wellness brand Ollie found that many people love their dogs more than their romantic partners. The survey revealed that 42% of people in relationships admitted that they love their dog more than their partner, with 32% of married couples feeling the same way. Additionally, 75% of survey participants found their dog to be more affectionate than their partner. Overall, the survey highlighted the strong bond that many people have with their pets.