93-Year-Old Woman's 'I Need More Beer' Sign Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

93-year-old Woman’s ‘i Need More Beer’ Sign Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

An older woman has garnered legions of fans worldwide after she made a hilarious plea from the window of her home, begging for an essential supply of beer during coronavirus lockdown.

The growing coronavirus pandemic has led many people to willingly or unwillingly staying home to help 'flatten the curve' and do their part to help keep everyone stay safe.

For this 93-year old Woman, staying home has forced her to ask for help in keeping an essential supply in her house.

An image of Olive Veronesi, from Seminole, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, sitting in her window holding a sign reading 'I NEED MORE BEER!!' went viral after it was widely shared online.

93-year-old woman's 'i need more beer' sign goes viral amid coronavirus lockdown

The woman, dressed in a pink sweater, even gave a not-so-subtle hint to the brew she likes most by holding up a can of Coors Light besides the sign.

The photograph, taken through the window of her home by one of her relatives and was uploaded to the Facebook page of a local TV station.

Olive's picture has now been shared more than 46,000 times and liked 25,000 times.

The photo has also attracted over 2,800 comments and over four million views.

In an update to the post, Facebook user Lisa Rose wrote:

"Someone from Coors responded and is working on getting her all the beer she wants! Awesome!!!"

Another Facebook user had a tongue-and-cheek response to Rose's update, writing:

"Oh, okay, a 93-year-old does it, and it's funny and heartwarming, but when I do it, I'm an alcoholic."

93-year-old woman's 'i need more beer' sign goes viral amid coronavirus lockdown

In an interview with the Pittsburgh news outlet, Olive said:

"I have a beer every night. Something to relax, you know? I think it's nice. Something for a young lady."

Turns out, sometimes the best way to get what you want is simply to ask for it.

93-year-old woman's 'i need more beer' sign goes viral amid coronavirus lockdown

Olive's request has been answered after Molson Coors saw her plea go viral on social media.

The company decided to take action and offered Olive 10 cases of Coors Light and had them delivered to her doorstep, according to the 6 WJAC report.

Coors Light also uploaded a photo of Olive to its Twitter account, showing her holding up a new sign that says, 'GOT MORE BEER!'

A stack of cases of beer almost as tall as the Woman sits just slightly out the frame.

The picture is captioned:

"We came,we saw. We delivered to a friend in need. Cheers, Olive!"

Hopefully, this delivery should cover her for the rest of the lockdown.