93-Year-old Veteran Whittling Walking Sticks Has Raised $17,000 For Food Pantry

93-year-old veteran whittling walking sticks has raised $17,000 for food pantry

A 93-year-old Ohio veteran is whittling walking sticks to raise money for a non-profit group.

John Hobson, a retired Air Force colonel, has been handcrafting walking sticks and selling them to help feed people in need.

According to his son, Mark, Hobson is the type of man who never gets tired of being busy. Despite his old age, he prefers to work rather than just sitting around.

In an interview, Mark said:

"If he just got put somewhere and told him to sit down, he'd go crazy."

"He's just a sweet man who gives a darn about other folks who don't have [anything]."

93-year-old veteran whittling walking sticks has raised $17,000 for food pantry

When everyone was in lockdown, Hobson spent his time handcrafting more than 100 walking sticks. This helped him beat the boredom while still contributing to his local community.

After selling the walking sticks, he donated the money to a charity outreach group, the Xenia Area Fish Food Pantry.

To sell his walking sticks, Hobson set up a roadside stand in his front yard. He sold each stick for just $3.00 or a food pantry donation.

Not surprisingly, the senior's whittling-wonder was sold out in just a few days, and he earned about $600.

Wanting to help more people in need, his family set-up a GoFundMe page which has since raised over $11,000 in cash donations.

With all the money Hobson earned after selling walking sticks, plus donations from the GoFundMe campaign — and the additional contributions from the community — he raised more than $17,000.

Hobson's granddaughter Jenny Denen said:

"Thank you for doing a very kind thing to make Grandpa happy and to make a difference for so many in our community."

"We have been so touched by your kindness and generosity."

93-year-old veteran whittling walking sticks has raised $17,000 for food pantry

Hobson and his family have been able to sponsor about 40 tons of food for the Xenia community in need.

He said:

"The pantry told us that a $1 donation generates five pounds of food. That means that we have helped the pantry distribute about 40 tons of food to the Xenia community!"

"What a massive blessing to those in need during this very difficult time."

And it seems crafting walking sticks is his thing.

In 2019, Hobson made personalized walking sticks for all of his grandchildren and their spouses as gifts.