90s Kids Remember Exactly How Awkward These HyperColor Shirts Really Were

During the 90s, some of the fashion choices were just weird. But 'HyperColor' shirts were absolutely the most bizarre fashion mistake of our childhood.

How many of you can remember those 'HyperColor' shirts we used to boast around to our friends? When I think about them now, I wonder what was so good in them that made us think we looked like superheroes.

As for me, I could wear it almost every day for an entire week until it got stinking sweaty. And just like many of you, I think I was too attached to these outfits.


But for sure, having a color-changing shirt was fashionable in theory but really awkward in practice. What happens when you start getting smelly and sweaty, leaving your shirt with a giant stinking circle around your underarms?

The best thing about it is, we never thought of such stuff while we were growing up. All we knew was that we looked super cool.

There were also various 'HyperColor' shirt options to choose from, meaning you could have a color-changing shirt every day of the week.


And you could act in front of everyone like it was the best fashion choice. But how could it be when our stinking sweat stains were the colors of the highlighter?

Whether you had a long sleeve or short sleeves shirt, the color-changing theory behind it is just odd.

Even the commercials that had these shirts were totally insane. But luckily, the 'HyperColor' fad didn't last for long.


We may have had our photos taken while wearing these fluorescent shirts, but at least we are not the people in the commercials.

Clearly, these' HyperColor' shirts are some of the weirdest fashion of our childhood.

The commercials would convince you that the outfit was perfect for your date night at a dance club and that it was interactive. But the fact remains, wearing a color-changing shirt that reacts to heat was weird.