'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Addresses Her 'Out Of Control' Jealousy, And Rumors Gino Is A Sugar Daddy (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Addresses Her 'Out Of Control' Jealousy, And Rumors Gino Is A Sugar Daddy (Exclusive)

Jasmine, a star on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, has definitely proved that she easily gets overwhelmed with extreme jealousy when it comes to her boyfriend, Gino. This is something she regrets.

She was kind enough to share the reasons behind her "out of control" behavior while on the reality show to ET. Jasmine even admitted that watching the footage of her outrageous outbursts was hard.


Gino, who is 51, went to Panama from Michigan to meet up with the 34-year-old Jasmine. They had been talking for nine months.

As far as Gino is concerned, Jasmine is the love of his life, and he intended to marry her and have kids with her. One of the things holding him back is her insane level of jealousy.

Jasmine Has Been Played Before

It turns out that Jasmine has been cheated on before, which helps explain why she is often overcome with jealousy. That is why she was furious when Gino tipped a waitress and also went ballistic when he talked respectfully about his ex-wife.


After watching how she reacts when jealous, Jasmine has been regretful and admitted that she was, at times, "out of control."

She pointed out that her insecurity caused her jealousy, which makes her see any woman as a threat.

The good news is that she thinks she has now come a long way and realizes that she has been wrong.

While she understands that it's okay to express her feelings, she thinks it is also important to let the other person understand her feelings. She took the worst approach possible by causing a lot of drama.


Jasmine now admits that her reactions had nothing to do with Gino and everything to do with her:

"I was the problem... I was very vulnerable and I was being very emotional."

She had also spent a few years without getting into a romantic relationship with a guy, and that is why she had problems expressing her feelings after she started seeing Gino.

Jasmine Is Also Shocked By Her Reactions


After seeing her reactions, she was in shock. That is why she sees herself as a work in progress.

She also made it clear that, in reality, she is sweet and kind and finds it hard to believe that she said some of the things she did. Jasmine could not believe that she would not allow Gino to give a tip.

"I'm watching that girl and I can't believe it's myself."

The truth is that Jasmine is hardly the only person who has faced criticism for her behavior on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.


While speaking out against her own behavior, she also talked about rumors that Gino was involved in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship previously. All she said was that regardless of whether that was true or not, everyone has a past.

For that reason, she said she could not judge Gino for his past relationship decisions. As far as she is concerned, he has proved to her that he is a good person.


In any case, she does not see him as a "sick man" or a pervert who goes around abusing women. As far as she is concerned, even if he did these things, it was out of loneliness.

She pointed out that before he lost his job, he was a busy man and probably didn't have time to date, which is why he tried meeting girls online. Generally, Jasmine believes that Gino is a good man who would not disrespect a woman.


Even so, she thinks that he violated her trust with an ex. Jasmine said that her intuition about him and his ex was right because they were still talking.

That made her disappointed in him and she felt that it was a violation of privacy.

She appreciates that he has not taken off even after seeing her "super crazy and wild side."

What's With Gino Not Taking Off His Hat?


Jasmine also addressed the mystery of Gino's hat. He is insecure about taking off his hat, and he even refuses to take it off when getting into bed with her during their first night together.

According to Jasmine, Gino still looks great without his hat and has a resemblance to Bruce Willis.

So, as far as she is concerned, there is nothing wrong with Gino's head, and she actually thinks he looks better without it. It is just that he feels insecure without it, but as far as she is concerned, he is no less attractive without it.


It's just that he feels like he is not himself without his hair. She hopes that he will be comfortable enough to step outside without his hat one day.

Jasmine finds Gino handsome and "calm," which she likes. She also said she was not using him for a green card as she already had a "comfortable" life in Panama as she is a literature teacher.

"I like him physically, first of all... He is just the opposite from my personality. He is like, a very calm person... He doesn't let himself get too emotional by the heat of the situation and he helped me to drain my energy because he's very calm and he's extremely sweet, a very sweet guy and a gentleman. To me, those were very hard qualities to find in a man nowadays."


If she was going to date anyone for their money, Jasmine said they would have to be filthy rich, "like a millionaire, tons of money."